Updated on 7/24/2019
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iiko 7.0

Version 7.0.1

UAE Address System 

  • RMS-49441. New address format for the UAE:
    • Zone is used instead of Street.
    • Address details instead of Building No.
    • The Apartment field character limit increased.
    • Fields like Entrance, Floor, Intercom, and some others are hidden for lack of use.

iikoWeb. New Features 

  • RMS-48502. iikoCloud users may now easily launch iikoWeb from iikoOffice.

Loyalty Program

  • COR-3724. The Gift Items action now allows item sizes to be specified.
  • COR-3326. When importing guest account balances from a CSV file, programs can be selected.

Restaurants in Russia 

  • RMS-48460. Preliminary verification of payment types added to avoid fiscal and non-fiscal types in one bill.


  • RMS-49577. iiko closes orders successfully even if receipt cutter errors occur in iikoFornt.


  • RMS-49012. Customer Returns may now be exported to third-party RMS systems.
  • RMS-19324. Order payment processing speed increased. It is particularly notable in fast food restaurants. Now when payments are made with integrated bank cards, a cashier does not have to wait for a receipt to be printed, he or she may take the next order.
  • RMS-49446. iikoKitchen: menu items of various sizes may now be added to the documents. 
  • RMS-49429. Send receipts to customers by email using a virtual cash register.