Updated on 6/14/2018
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iiko 6.1


  • RMS-17969 Each source document now has relevant transactions displayed.
  • RMS-40087 Local settings now depend on the license.
  • RMS-41631 In the server configuration file, you may now limit the size of images to be imported into iikoOffice, for instance, in the item card or recipe. Maximum permissible size may be specified in the saved-image-max-size-mb parameter in megabytes.
  • RMS-43805 To make your experience in iikoChain better, a subdivision search bar has been added.
  • RMS-44566 The account statement import now has a new feature - Use operation date. If enabled, the write-off operation will take the date specified in the Write-offDate field of the statement, and the receipt operation - ReceiptDate.
  • RMS-45421 In case of the export to Excel, the documents now have the xlsx extension.
  • RMS-45498 An iikoOffice cache file is now archived and stored for several days. The archiving schedule and storing period can be changed in the System settings.
  • RMS-45572 The export to the online banking software has some improvements.
  • RMS-45646 In case of the clean iiko installation, the start time of the accounting day is now 6:00AM by default.
  • RMS-46216 Now you may estimate the quantity of goods to be included in a purchase order with account of stock balance.
  • RMS-46374 An invoice that is based on the external order now may be copied. Such a copy won’t be linked to the order.
  • RMS-46399 The goods ABC analysis is now implemented. System recommendations and a comparative analysis are added to the item ABC analysis.
  • RMS-46400 Items may now be created, edited and read using API.
  • RMS-46434 A list of invoices now has a new column. In this column, expenditure and purchase invoices, being an internal transfer within one legal entity, have an icon displayed if the documents’ cost and total are not equal.
  • RMS-46466 We have restored the Tab key function - toggle between invoice fields.
  • RMS-46610 The ABC analysis now may be broken down by outlet storages.
  • RMS-46150 The system is brought into compliance with the storage and personal data processing requirements adopted in the EU. In iikoFront, a guest may specify whether he or she agrees to provide a consent to his/her personal data processing.
  • RMS-46773 Now, when food is written off for a banquet, the ingredients write-off storage is determined by semi-finished products used to cook an item.
  • RMS-46812 In the account statement export window, we have added the group handling of operations.
  • RMS-46836 Expenditure invoices are now taken into account in the menu and cost analysis.
  • RMS-46865 Printed forms of standard and user-defined recipe templates now have an allergen group field added.
  • RMS-46888 At the time of export to the online banking software, you are now able to change the order of payments.
  • RMS-46938 The way the Excluding filter functions in OLAP reports has been changed.


  • RMS-44873 The replication that takes place when a new company with a large database is connecting to iikoChain is optimized.
  • RMS-45343 Opening of a list of documents now takes less time. This is particularly important for the documents that have an open period.
  • RMS-45907 Stock list reference book now has a faster response.
  • RMS-45933 Call center price lists update is optimized.


  • RMS-45367 In iikoFront, it is now possible to make a fiscal order return in another till shift.
  • RMS-31403 In iikoFront, the “All tables” and “By waiter” screens now fit more than 12 orders. The “All tables” screen now has one more order line added, and the “By waiter” screen - one more page.
  • RMS-27758 In the delivery invoice, item comments may now be printed. Use the Print comments on guest bill and at payment setting to enable this option.
  • RMS-46548 The bill printing now has the street address and payment place settings added.


  • RMS-46453 Handling of large price change orders is now optimized.


  • RMS-46825 Guest bill canceling method is implemented.
  • RMS-46998 Order item split method is implemented.
  • RMS-46999 Order waiter may now be changed.
  • RMS-46528 Bills may now be printed at any time.
  • RMS-44242 Fiscal cash registers and weighing scales may now be connected using plugins.