Updated on 3/15/2019
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iiko 6.3


  • RMS-46564 Now you can specify item sizes at the first step of the inventory reconciliation. 
  • RMS-46928 To set up supplier price lists, users have to specify the stock list name exactly as provided by the supplier. Before, external goods could only be keyed in manually in iikoOffice. The importCsv.jsp has a new section for the import of the external goods reference.
  • RMS-47657 A unit price must be specified in the receipt. Amounts generated as a result of rounding when the system applies discounts or surcharges are registered by means of the Rounding of Unit Price in Guest’s Favor service fee.
  • RMS-47746 An error that occurs during the recalculation of an incentive program in the closed period fixed. Recalculation of all bonuses that takes place when the program end date is changed adjusted.
  • RMS-47770 A CSV export file now includes the data required to prepare reports for tax authorities in Poland.
  • RMS-18097 Placing production orders is more flexible: several templates can be created for one supplier. Different food items can be ordered at a different interval.
  • RMS-36910 Consolidated orders now have statuses assigned. It is easy to check if all the subdivisions made their orders and if the food is ready and shipped.
  • RMS-47837 The purchase price control becomes handier: now you can create the internal price list that is not linked to a particular supplier.
  • RMS-45794 The Report on Purchasing Discrepancies now shows internal orders as well.
  • RMS-47797 In some countries, the Payment Subject Matter attribute (tag 1212) has to specify if a product is excisable. We have added a new reference ‒ Payment Attributes. Such attributes can be specified in the records of items and goods and then printed on a receipt.
  • RMS-48140 The Supplier field of the Purchase Report has a search bar added.


  • RMS-47385 The server API now has methods that allow receiving of all corporation details.
  • RMS-46864 It is now much handier to view client and server logs.
  • RMS-46764 Operation reliability is enhanced by the amplified server monitoring.
  • RMS-46932RMS-46933 Replication export optimized.
  • RMS-47097 Server monitoring has some new checks added providing a faster response to customer issues.
  • RMS-47485 Refactoring of entries in error.log.
  • RMS-41612 iikoRMS to iikoChain interaction issues that occur due to slow and unreliable network solved.
  • RMS-44156 New setting of the filteredLog.jsp allows placing certain server requests on record in a separate log file. This makes the information search easier and improves the legibility of logs.


  • RMS-48270 iikoFront startup time shortened.
  • RMS-47888 iikoFront operation speeded up.
  • RMS-47862 A receipt now shows an employee performing a pay-in/payout operation.
  • RMS-47657 Discounts are displayed more accurately on a receipt.
  • RMS-47664 An input box for a guest’s telephone number and email opens up by hitting a button rather than automatically.
  • RMS-47797 Payment subject matter details are now printed on receipts.
  • RMS-48097 Correct accounting of top-ups and payments made from an iikoCard deposit account.
  • RMS-47926 Fiscal credit payment is now supported.
  • RMS-46873 Prepayments are now posted when accepting external payments via API.
  • RMS-47795 Logus: guest balance is now shown on a receipt.
  • RMS-48391 The event log now has new buttons for delivery events: Actual Delivery Time and Closing Time.
  • RMS-29439 A numeric keypad is now used to enter guests’ telephone numbers.
  • RMS-47077 Handling of input devices improved: in most cases, the system identifies input devices and settings automatically. 


  • RMS-48295 Order.ExternalData can be edited in closed orders.
  • RMS-47823 A refund can be performed from another till shift with payment methods that include processing.
  • RMS-48273 New methods for the street search.
  • RMS-48277 Automatic publishing of documents at http://iiko.github.io/front.api.sdk/v6/.
  • RMS-48325 The “before deleting items” operation enhanced: a list of items to be deleted provided.
  • RMS-48333 Ability to display the modal dialog with one button.
  • RMS-48385 Access to the production place for modifiers.
  • RMS-48639 Adding guests to orders in extension methods is allowed.
  • RMS-48077 Ability to forbid deletion of orders.
  • RMS-48133 Prepayments via API: a method for sending receipts and payment place.
  • RMS-48274 Ability to run several operations under one lock.
  • RMS-48068 Front.API.Devices: Receipt fields supplemented.
  • RMS-48390 Biz.API: Ability to edit the actual delivery time via API.


  • WEB-1820 A stock list is now available in iikoWeb, though without recipes and orders.
  • WEB-1885 The P&L Report added.
  • WEB-1795 The privileges edit screen changed.
  • WEB-1422 New personnel metrics added. They are used in special employee reports.
  • WEB-1813 New metrics for dining rooms and tables added. They are used in reports.
  • WEB-1886 Balance Sheet added.