Updated on 1/17/2020
Version 5.5
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iiko 5.5


  • RMS-17604 The write-off method column has been added to the stock list. Now you have more options to sort and filter the list.
  • RMS-22481 Use iikoChain to manage the quick menu for your chain: create, edit and apply to all restaurants.
  • RMS-25393 It’s easier now to monitor debts of contractors. There are new fields in the expenditure invoice: Due date (date a payment is scheduled for) and Payment date (date a payment has been actually effected).
  • RMS-29256 The list of debts to contractors now has a new column - Payment Date. It shows when the document was paid in full.
  • RMS-30757 Now, when you receive goods from a supplier, you may include delivery, handling and some other expenses in the cost of goods in the invoice.
  • RMS-30870 For your convenience, the lines in the Goods Flow report are now highlighted in different colors subject to the document type.
  • RMS-33834 A special report used to carry out the ABC/XYZ sales analysis is now made available in iiko. Use it to identify your bestselling items and the items that are not popular to improve your menu.
  • RMS-36137 It’s easier now to create and save a new filter in the Event Log.
  • RMS-38456 A personal report now shows the number of attendances and shifts as well as the subdivision an employee worked in.
  • RMS-38962 As of now, extended attendances are closed automatically on the server. This helps to avoid situations when employees forget to clock out, and so their attendances extend to a closed period. You can specify how much time shall pass before an attendance is closed automatically.
  • RMS-40142 The list of suppliers now has some columns that contain company details: Tax ID, Tax registration reason code, short and full names and contacts.
  • RMS-41271 Syncing of guests and discount cards has been improved to provide safe data exchange and efficient use of resources.
  • RMS-41369 In the Event Log of iikoChain, you may check the records that refer to iikoChain events only and exclude events that took place in outlets. For this, we have a special subdivision filter.
  • RMS-42844 Now you don’t have to specify a cost % of an ingredient in the apportion record manually. If you want the system to fill it up automatically, select “Set quantity and cost according to the recipe level 1” or “with account of write-off method”.
  • RMS-44010 Calculation of opening balances in an OLAP report on transactions has been improved to make the report work faster.
  • RMS-44077 OLAP parameters can be viewed in a log if called via REST API.
  • RMS-44516 An Attendance log now has separate columns and filters dedicated to employees’ roles and subdivisions. The log cells show only attendance time.
  • RMS-44535 MS SQL 2016 Express Edition is now supported.
  • RMS-44580 The connection.jsp script now provides more details: a PC name and the name of a user authenticated in iikoOffice, and the name of an iikoFront terminal.
  • RMS-44751 Any CF article may now be configured for prepayment operations, or they might be split among different articles subject to the payment type settings they belong.
  • RMS-44784 An iikoOffice log now also shows parameters and filters used to run an OLAP report.
  • RMS-44793 Now, when you create an expenditure invoice, you may print out a preset form of the Quality and Safety Certificate as well as identification labels.
  • RMS-44899 While at the second step of the inventory reconciliation, you are able to export a table of goods to an excel file. For this, select Actions > Export to Excel.
  • RMS-44947 On the third step, inventory results may be printed out having the same look - item grouping will be taken into account. For this, select Print > Inventory results with regard to groups.
  • RMS-45150 An error related to the FCR Serial Number in the OLAP report has been fixed.
  • RMS-45235 Error fixed - when rounding an order up in guest’s favor after posting a service acceptance record, the “Discounts granted” account (or any other specified in the service fee settings) is debited and the “Trade revenue without discounts” account is credited and corresponding transactions are created.
  • RMS-45272 An export of payments to an online banking software has been improved: blank fields are highlighted in color, an export file can be easily accessed right from the window, unwanted export lines may be deleted.
  • RMS-45409 Interface improvements: color of rows in an inventory document is alternating, results of OLAP reports are in bold type.
  • RMS-45322 Data model of the “Banquet report” printed form has new fields: Name and Code of a parent group, Room, Tables, Number of guests, Type (banquet or reservation), Event type. The report template itself has not changed.
  • RMS-45324 Printed form templates have been updated: Commercial invoice, Commercial invoice.Front, Unified transfer document.
  • RMS-45329 New columns have been added to the Commercial invoices report: Tax ID and Tax registration reason code, VAT rate. Now you may also export the report to excel.
  • RMS-43559 iikoFranchise. Currency list has been improved: currencies and their exchange rates are automatically imported from the Russian Central Bank website.


  • RMS-43734 Splitting orders among guests is now made easier. A separate window is used to move an item - the same items regardless of their status merge, and all you have to do is to choose required items, enter their quantity and pick a guest.
  • RMS-38837 When a till shift is being closed, the system will warn you if there are any open deliveries remain that contain a fiscal prepayment, and if so, won’t let close the shift. Enable the warnings in the outlet settings on the Till shift tab.
  • RMS-43941 In the fiscal register settings, you now may compare the tax rates in use with tax categories specified in iikoOffice.
  • RMS-43289 Now an employee doesn’t have to have the “Manage delivery” (D_MD) permission to close an order as “Delivered” - the “Close order” key is made available in the delivery list.
  • RMS-44928 The old version of the iikoCard plugin - iikoCard14 has been removed from the standard iikoFront package.
  • RMS-45460 Kitchen screen (KDS) logs now register more details on the status change of courses and orders.
  • RMS-45330 Along with a letter size commercial invoice and a fiscal bill, one is able to print a non-fiscal document if the Sales receipt key is depressed.
  • RMS-44374 Federal Law 54: it is now possible to carry out a fiscal refund of prepayments during another till shift. For this, use the “Prepayment refund from cash register under another till shift” setting. The refund option depends on the fiscal cash register setup.
  • RMS-45244 Federal Law 54: Tax ID of a cashier is now printed on the bill and transferred to OFD. A cashier may be changed regardless of whether a till shift is open or closed.
  • RMS-38274 Front.API: We have improved the support of order types
  • RMS-45373 Front.API: Now you may delete orders and deliveries forever
  • RMS-43999 Front.API: Default delivery time setting has been added
  • RMS-45414 Front.API: Printing options for plugins have been improved
  • RMS-45032 Front.API: Publication of API documentation has been resumed