Updated on 1/17/2020
Version 6.0
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iiko 6.0


  • RMS-44584 Server: Now the system recalculates recipes much faster in case you change allergens.
  • RMS-44599 Server: PostgreSQL partitioning is now supported. Tomcat, if started at PostgreSQL, checks and generates indexes not only using known tables but also the ones inherited from them.
  • RMS-44704 Server: Interruption of prolonged OLAP requests. It is required if an employee creates heavy OLAP reports and others cannot use iikoOffice.
  • RMS-46109 Server: iikoOffice and iikoChain replication during stock list exchange is optimized.
  • RMS-43751 activity.jsp now provides JSP and REST API calls and processing of iiko.biz and iikoFranchise lines.
  • RMS-45080 Apart from expenses, you may now plan your income. For this, you may generate receipts based on orders.
  • RMS-45432 Now you may quickly access the second transaction while in the account card. We have added a separate shortcut menu item for this. A Corr.Account card containing the required transaction will open up.
  • RMS-45436 API: Now you may use a withdrawal function to move cash via API. Obtain pay in/out types: entities/payInOutTypes/list/. Withdraw cash: payInOuts/addPayOut.
  • RMS-45443 API: A stock list export file now contains the recipe data including history, version, and write-off method.
  • RMS-45519 A foodstuffs requisition may now be created based on the list of semi-finished products and used to hand out food from a storage.
  • RMS-45521 In the accounting settings, you now may select a default algorithm for the service cost calculation. Then you don’t have to select it each time you create a purchase invoice. Additional expenses would be automatically calculated according to this algorithm.
  • RMS-35499 Companies that sell their product under expenditure invoices now may use a customer return if so provided by an agreement or if it is breached. For this, you have a new document type at your disposal - Customer Return. A return invoice section is now called Customer Returns.
  • RMS-45545 The Payment Schedule now has a new tab - By Accounts. Use it to estimate the balance of your outlets and accounts.
  • RMS-45641 An iikoChain’s Event Log is now handier. You may now create and save new event filters.
  • RMS-45992 A goods movement report now has a new feature allowing to disable color highlighting. Now the system highlights the background color rather than the font itself.
  • RMS-25393 You may now use expenditure invoices to track due dates. For this, specify the payment date on the Delivery and Payment tab.
  • RMS-29256 We added the Payment Date column in the Debt to Contractors window to track document due dates.
  • RMS-32582 The system now monitors the stock balance and gives an alert (on the startup page) if the balance goes under a set minimum.
  • RMS-43558 New reports - Price Dynamics and “What If” Analysis are designed to analyze purchases, estimate goods share in the cost and revenue and choose a supplier that offers the best price.
  • RMS-46255 An OLAP Transactions Report now has two new fields - Transaction Date and Transaction Date and Time.
  • RMS-44940 In the application theme settings, we added some more bright colors that you may use to highlight selected cells. This setting is applicable to all the documents in the system.


  • RMS-46056 You are no longer required to include VAT in the cost of items. When you configure a discount, you may specify if it must apply to the VAT or not.
  • RMS-45897 A prepayment window now shows posted external payments.
  • RMS-45523 You are now able to edit an order even if it is fully prepaid.
  • RMS-45883 Receipt templates now have a new field - “Employee with payments without revenue.”
  • RMS-45991 Kitchen screen now shows the number of portions next to the item’s name if more than one.
  • RMS-45714 OLAP sales reports provide more information about discounts applied in the order.
  • RMS-45281 Now you may create non-fiscal payment types for bank cards and cash. It may be used to work with delivery orders paid via external cash terminals (driver, website).
  • RMS-44945 A letter-size delivery invoice now shows items with a scheme of modifiers and combos.
  • RMS-41729 It’s now much easier to cancel and refund an order.
  • RMS-45816 Front.Api: Plugins are now required to have a digital signature which helps to protect the system from unauthorized developers.
  • RMS-45751 Front.Api: You may now open and close a till shift via API.
  • RMS-44841 Front.Api: You may now make a prepayment for a banquet via API.
  • RMS-45833 FCR: An obsolete setting - Non-fiscal Prepayment - has been removed.
  • RMS-45333 FCR: A duplicate driver that causes Shtrikh FCR setup errors has been removed.
  • RMS-45230 POSNET FCR (Poland) is now supported.


  • RMS-43642 In iikoOffice, you are now able to configure the “card on entry” feature using iikoCard5 or without it.
  • RMS-45687 Now you may use a referral program (recommendations).
  • COR-1973 The system is now able to recognize your guests by their pictures.
  • COR-1827 Now you may encrypt the data stored on a POS server.
  • COR-2049 We have added the new “Restaurant group” condition. Use it to create different campaigns for different sections of your outlet.
  • COR-1392 Public API for a POS server.