Updated on 1/17/2020
Version 6.2
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iiko 6.2


  • RMS-46684 Now users can specify if a guest agrees to receiving order status notifications and to have his/her personal data processed.
  • RMS-47358 MenuManagement development:
    • Table handling improved in the Price Dynamics report: new columns added (expected loss and loss due to price change) and a new recommendation.
    • A What If Analysis form changed: added item markup analysis, cost and revenue change. A new section—You Could Have Saved—added, where the system estimates how much a venue would have saved if purchased goods from other suppliers (recommended by the system) in the past.
    • The ABC Analysis of Goods now provides more accurate recommendations like “Remove from menu” or “Change supplier”; new indicators added: Food cost and Foodcost change. You can open a list of key ingredients right from the report and learn about their stock balance.
  • RMS-47051 A service charge is now properly registered, as well as the imposed VAT. Used in EU countries.
  • RMS-45106 In Western Europe, prices traditionally do not include VAT. Now users can decide which way you want to specify your prices in documents.
  • RMS-47175 Now when users import a bank statement, the transactions that have already been registered in iiko are given in bold.
  • RMS-47040 Preset Plazius payment methods and a template have new connection details.
  • RMS-46992 Now users can use API to:
    • Create, edit and assign a stock list item category.
    • Create and edit a modifier and a group modifier, assign a modifier to a stock list item with settings.
    • Import and edit an item image.
  • RMS-46244 In API, OLAP report date filter processing fixed.
  • RMS-46241 The distribution center may have a large selection of available goods, but restaurants do not need those every day. A document may contain up to 90% of empty rows. To improve handling of such documents, an automatic removal of empty entries has been added to the outlet and corporation settings.
  • RMS-46240 The Consolidated Order template layout has been improved.
  • RMS-43162 An iikoChain bank statement now has all suppliers available; and users may now specify any subdivision as an outlet.
  • RMS-17969 Two to four account transactions are generated in iikoOffice per each document. A button that allows users to view such transactions is added. You may now also find a document under which a transaction was generated while in the chart of accounts.
  • RMS-47362 Sales OLAP reports have some new fields: Average price (VAT exclusive) and Average price before discount.


  • RMS-45915 Running scheduled tasks are now displayed: creating a backup, replication, etc.  Tasks running in various ExecutorServices may now be displayed.
  • RMS-44706 You may now cancel a database request manually in activity.jsp without server restarting.
  • RMS-44702 We have reworked log preparation process and error classification a big deal. It’s now easy to analyze errors and identify an issue.
  • RMS-40864 Added protection from recurring errors in the process of iiko deployment and configuration: connection of two tomcats to one and same database.
  • RMS-46436 Fixed a scenario when the Cancel button terminates the entire queue of server requests existing at that instant resulting in the server being unresponsive.
  • RMS-46437 Waiting time of the replication request processing by RMS has been reduced; replication requests (in case there is nothing to replicate) work faster and even before iikoChain release.
  • RMS-44473 Errors that occurred when RMS is temporarily disconnected from iikoChain fixed: some iikoOffice tabs and settings (editable only in RMS disconnected from iikoChain) are now available.


  • RMS-45136 Now users can change a location for storing CashServer for iikoFront in the register.
  • RMS-40883 Now users can print logos, EAC symbol, and other graphic elements on a label.
  • RMS-46201 If an order is fully prepaid, a receipt now has a new block printed ‒ “Addition to fiscal receipt”.
  • RMS-46517 The Top Priority button layout is fixed in the order window.
  • RMS-46711 The B_GUEST permission now affects the ability to view a list of guests in the Discounts and Surcharges window.
  • RMS-47053 A new light theme is added. Now users can also edit iikoFront themes using the configuration file.
  • RMS-47063 The layout of a menu item window on the Kitchen screen fixed. Long names of items and modifiers, as well as comments now fit the screen.
  • RMS-47086 The main iikoFront menu now has the Tools button which includes some options that are not frequently used.
  • RMS-47364 Internal order payment procedure under the Restaurant mode has been changed to the asynchronous. This allows to speed up the payment process.
  • RMS-47466 The Cancel button icon in the By Waiter window has been changed.
  • RMS-47611 Time-based service start icon has been changed.
  • RMS-46461 A new permission “Bind order to guest without swiping guest card” (F_BGCN) has been added.


  • RMS-46213 MASSA MK-6.2-A21 weights are now supported.
  • RMS-47039 MSTAR-TK is now supported via the AFP protocol.


  • RMS-45279 It’s now possible to hand out some float to drivers (odd money), control the amount of money in their possession and balance out their account at the end of their shift.
  • RMS-47308 Menu item numbers and their total number in the order are printed on delivery stickers to identify packages.
  • RMS-47546 When a customer calls, a call center operator sees his or her name right away.


  • WEB-1445 Now users can add employees.
  • WEB-1927 Users can set up a work schedule for an employee.
  • WEB-1820 Now users can handle a stock list (no recipes and orders).
  • WEB-1643 The Day Intervals reference to estimate period metrics has been added.
  • WEB-1428 Now users can carry out inventory reconciliation of prepared components.


  • WEB-1648 Now before confirming an order, a server may take a look at it.
  • WEB-1641 Now when booking in goods, users may select a receipt storage.
  • WEB-1625 Ability to specify an invoice number.
  • WEB-1734 Users may now change a delivery date for manual orders. 
  • WEB-1667 Users may now view order items at the order processing step without changing it to the acceptance step.
  • WEB-1647 The total cost of goods is displayed at the order acceptance.
  • WEB-1421 Send purchase orders to a supplier’s email.


  • RMS-46740 Customer linking process between iikoRMS and iikoCard is now carried out using a guest card number.
  • RMS-47640 iikoFront crash issues related to the RabbitMQ failure fixed.
  • RMS-47490 Customer data starts syncing with iiko.biz automatically when iikoCard is on.
  • RMS-47678 Now manual conditions are supported when creating an order via API.
  • RMS-41484 Ability to verify customer’s telephone number by SMS when authenticating in the order.
  • RMS-46226 Ability to use certificates in iikoCard.
  • RMS-45131 The system shows personalized news depending on the enabled products, iiko version, and a region.