Updated on 1/17/2020
Version 6.4
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iiko 6.4

Version 6.4.17 

Restaurant Chains 

  • RMS-48705 iikoChain subdivision restriction issue fixed: now an employee cannot confirm vulnerable operations in iikoFront if he or she is not assigned to the store.


  • RMS-47103 Delivery OLAP Report has a new field—Comment on Feedback. This field is used for the customer feedback analysis.

Integration With Hospitality Systems 

  • RMS-48030 Now you can return orders with the Libra Epitome payment types from other till shifts.

iikoWeb. New Features 

  • WEB-2258 Tips and charitable donation may now be registered in the system.
  • WEB-2513 The list of suppliers is now editable.
  • WEB-2327 When you move to iikoWeb from other management systems, you can specify your sales history manually: your daily mean sales and an average cost of each menu item. The system would analyze the data and forecast sales and food consumption for the upcoming weeks.

Version 6.4.16 

iikoWeb. New Features 

  • WEB-2416 Inventory count becomes more user-friendly.
    • When a new inventory count workflow is created, you can start counting right away.
    • If some changes occur during the count, you can restart the workflow but need to have a special permission.
  • WEB-1426 The inventory count schedule is now easier to set up.
  • WEB-2514 When you perform an inventory count, a storage area shows items in the order they were placed, and there is a search bar added.
  • WEB-2428 The schedule page always shows the actual staff attendance even if you are not using it.
  • WEB-2500 When creating a new purchase, you can specify an invoice date.


  • RMS-48932 Now you can use API V6 to handle an order price category.


  • RMS-49012 Customer Returns may now be exported to third-party RMS systems.
  • RMS-48988 Unsealed package reports exported to Excel now have the date range.
  • RMS-46211 The Inventory Movement Report, if opened in the Stock List, now has no default storage.

Version 6.4.15  


  • RMS-38692 Order type can be changed from delivery to customer pickup and back if all menu items can be cooked by the required time. 
  • RMS-48961 Now you can add streets missing from the directory when delivery orders are coming from trusted sources via iiko.biz API. The list of trusted delivery sources can be specified in the “Add missing streets from” field in the general delivery settings.


  • RMS-49051 Starting from iikoFront API V6/V6Preview5, the {{IProgressBar}} object can be replaced by the {{IViewManager.ChangeProgressBarMessage(string message)}} method. {{IViewManager}} method is now sent instead of {{IProgressBar}} where applicable. iikoFront UI can be used for all such operations.
  • RMS-37961 UI colors and images are now transferred via API.
  • RMS-37652 Flexible price items can be handled via API.
  • RMS-30394 Time-based services may now be handled using API V6.


  • RMS-49166 Calculation mechanism of the price included VAT has been changed.
  • RMS-49068 Bank statement import type is now defined by the Write-offDate and ReceiptDate values if the Use operation date item is checked. If unchecked, these fields are not required, which may result in errors defining an operation type that occurs when a recipient and a sender are legal entities in iiko.
  • RMS-48658 Saving price change orders for a new store is optimized. When creating a price change order for items not saved in the order, the Price before markup change, Price, and Include in price list values are taken from previous orders. Document items may be given in different colors. The improvement applies to new orders only. Copying, editing, and other order manipulations have no effect as to whether an item is included in the document or not.
  • RMS-49058 TORG-12 form data model now has the following fields: Due Date and Payment Date.

Version 6.4.14  

Barcode Printing  

  • RMS-48494 Now you can print a barcode for the entire service ticket if items are cooked in one production place.


  • RMS-48951 Now you can set up printers and weighing scales in iikoFront: edit settings and see the status (operational or not). You can edit all models of weighing scales and printers supported by iiko.


  • RMS-49032 Starting from V6/V6Preview5, there is a new method added (IOperationService.GetLastChangedOrderTerminal) which returns IHostTerminal.
  • RMS-48723 Now you can change an order type from delivery to customer pickup and back via API iikoFront if the order has not yet been shipped. For this, the initial order type setup method is used: SetOrderType.
  • RMS-44146 Plug-in service parameters which used to be a part of a DLL file are now specified in a special XML file. For the backward compatibility of earlier API versions (V4, V5, V6Preview4), we support both the old and new variants. In the case of new versions (V6+), there will be only new variant available.   
    Noticeable changes:
    • Each plug-in is installed in a separate folder (before, this rule applied to API plug-ins only)
    • iikoFront startup takes less time (noticeable in the case of many plug-ins)
    • there are no issues related to the search of interdependence and compatibility of plug-ins (before, not all plug-ins could work together)
    • You can open, read and, change an XML file in any text editor


  • RMS-48189 You can enter both digits and symbols in the Card No. field.
  • RMS-49080 Receipt and report template models now have a company’s telephone field added. In receipts, this field is @Model.CommonInfo.CafeSetup.Phone and in reports—@Model.CafeSetup.Phone. This telephone number can be specified in the iikoOffice template header as well.