Updated on 7/3/2019
Balance Sheet Broken Down by Outlets
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Balance Sheet (Reports (or Finances) > Balance Sheet) shows the status of assets and liabilities of chain outlets at the end of the preset period. By default, it is the end of the current month.

If you want to track changes in the reporting period, for instance, by days or months, set the required reporting period, select the value in the Detalization field, and click Update.

When in the corporation mode, the report includes all subdivisions (outlets), which are listed in the Filter by subdivision field.  

You may get a report broken down by one or more interested outlets. For this, check the required outlets and click Update. The system would generate a report by a subdivision, the name of which is given in the filter field.

When in the single-outlet mode, you may get a report only by the current outlet. You are not able to run a report by other outlets, the filter field is not available.

Use this report to learn about account movements, and what operations made up current account balance. For this, open an account record (double-click on the balance).

You will be taken to a respective account record containing a list of operations for the reporting period.