Updated on 9/27/2019
Document Locking
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You can set the system to protect your documents from editing, prevent the creation of new ones or deletion of existing documents and recipes. The rules for automatic document locking can be configured in the Period closing block of the outlet accounting settings.

You can set up the closing of a period for the outlet. For this, go to the Accounting settings tab of the Outlet settings in the Administration directory. An employee has to have the “Accounting settings (Administration)” (B_EAS) and “Close period” (B_CCLP) permissions. In which case, he or she must not have the “System administration” (B_ADM) permission.

Period closing is configured by means of the following parameters. “Period closing until fixed date only once” which is configured in the outlet or corporation accounting settings of iikoChain. The information about the data locking in all chain outlets is given in the “Lock date report” in the Corporation section of iikoChain.

You don’t have to carry out period closing when you set your system up the first time.

Hard period closing

Use the Final lock date to restrict data editing in time or protect the system from entering new data. Select any date in this field, and no documents can be created or reposted if their posting date is before this date.

No one can change the documents in a hard-closed period. It’s only the period that can be changed.

Soft period closing

This locks a document until a specific date but certain responsible employees can exempt from it. In this period, only users with special permissions can create, edit or delete inventory documents, as well as create and edit recipes.

The Preliminary lock date parameter is intended for this purpose. This setting can be used together with the previous one or independently. The period closing date cannot be earlier than the document lock date.

The "Work with documents in locked period" (B_WCP) permission allows users to create or repost documents before the Preliminary lock date. This permission is not applied to any documents in hard-closed periods.

Only an employee with the “Close period” (B_CCLP) permission may change the period closing settings, including scheduling.

If an employee has no “Work with documents in locked period” (B_WCP) permission, he or she is not able to change documents created before the soft lock date.

The Reposted checkbox (e.g. in a purchase invoice) will not be available to such an employee if the document has a soft lock.

If an item recipe belongs to a soft lock period, no employee can edit it unless has the “Work with documents in locked period” (B_WCP) permission.

Scheduled soft closing of a period

A soft closing can be scheduled in advance. This can be a one-time operation or an operation performed weekly or monthly.

Specify a new lock date and when this setting should be applied.

For example, if you want to schedule an automatic closing (locking) on January 15 (let’s say it will be locked until December 31 inclusive), you have to fill up the New preliminary lock date and Close period on fields respectively by clicking Save changes.

Lock period setup

If a locking operation only needs to be performed once, specify "Once" in the Periodicity of closing field in addition to the lock dates and performance dates. If this operation needs to be performed on a regular basis, specify "Weekly" or "Monthly".

Assume the following situation: you specified July 31 in the New preliminary lock date field and August 15 in the Close period on field, and “Monthly” in Periodicity of closing.

If you plan this operation in advance and today is August 16, then, once you save the settings, the operation will run regularly beginning from the specified date (tomorrow).

Suppose you set the document locking for today (August 15). In this case, when you click Save, an automatic document locking will be initiated right away for the documents with the date set to July 31 inclusive, and new lock and execution dates will be set.

New values will be automatically populated in the New preliminary lock date and Close period on fields respectively: August 31 and September 15. Once the locking is performed, the Preliminary lock date field will show August 31.

Soft lock for chain outlets

A single soft lock date can be scheduled for all chain outlets. And each outlet may also have its own lock date.

To cancel a scheduled operation, simply clear the Close period on field.  

Locking inventory management data on a fixed date

Inventory management data can be fixed for a certain date. This is necessary, for example, if you want to export the data to a third-party financial system. In this case, accounting errors can only be corrected using adjustment documents created on the closed period's boundary. For this purpose, a responsible employee checks inventory documents created during a certain period (e.g. week) and closes it. The employee sets the closing period date only once and will not be able to open it again.

An employee with special permissions can lock a period for an outlet. For this, he or she shall go Administration > Outlet settings > Accounting Settings tab > Period closing block. Only the Preliminary lock date field is available to this employee, other fields are not available. The Periodicity of closing field shows Once.

To lock a period until December 26 inclusive, specify this date in the Preliminary lock date field and save the settings. After this, you won’t be able to work with the documents that were posted before December 26. Before this date, it will not be possible to create, edit, or delete inventory documents, as well as create and edit recipes. Such locking can be applied, for example, weekly. A preliminary lock date must be later than the date of the previous locking.

After period closing at an outlet, data exchange with iikoChain should be performed.

To set up such locking, follow this:

  • Go to Administration > Outlet settings > Accounting settings tab and provide the “Accounting settings (Administration)” (B_EAS) and “Close period” (B_CCLP) permissions to a corresponding employee. Such an employee should neither be an administrator nor have the “System Administration” permission (B_ADM).
  • To be able to lock a period until a certain date only once, check the Use only preliminary lock period item in the outlet or corporation accounting settings of iikoChain. After this, run the data replication. This setting will be applied in the outlet but it will not be possible to modify it.

Lock date report in iikoChain

An HQ employee is provided with a complete information on the data locking that took place at all outlets of the chain. A closed period in the outlet means that the data is fixed (locked) and ready for export. The Lock date report (Corporation section of iikoChain) is intended for these purposes. To view the report, one shall have the “Lock date report setup” (B_VCPS) permission.