In iiko, various payment methods are accepted: cash, bank cards, bank transfer, etc. This article explains how to process bank card payments, how to void a check paid using a bank card, and how to verify totals in case any disputes occur using the Sberbank payment system as an example.

All payment methods displayed in iikoFront are created in iikoOffice. The most popular bank card schemes are already preconfigured in the system: Visa, MasterCard, etc. If you require some other payment methods, create them. For how to do it, refer to the Payment Types article.

For how to register bank card payments in iikoOffice, refer to the Accounting article.

Order Payment

To take a bank card payment, follow this:

  1. While in the cash register window, tap Bank cards.
  2. Select the payment method, for instance, Visa, MasterCard. Those methods depend on the payment types created in iikoOffice.

  1. Key in the payment amount or press Exact amount.
  2. Press Pay. Payment terminal window opens up.
  3. Insert or swipe your guest’s bank card. The terminal shows the amount due and asks for a pin code. In case of any abnormalities and failures, your POS would show the details.
  1.  Ask your guest to enter his or her card pin code and press a green button on a mobile payment terminal. If the pin is correct and there is enough money to complete the payment, both the terminal and your POS would show the same message: “Take a card.”

Once your guest takes his or her card from the terminal, the payment is completed, and two copies of a slip and one fiscal receipt print out.

If the payment fails, your POS would default to the initial state—“Cash” would show up as a payment method. To try the bank card payment again, repeat the steps given above.

Receipt Reversing

For a detailed guide to canceling transactions or disputable operations on the mobile payment terminal, please contact your bank.

Receipt reversing in the case of bank card payments made through a mobile payment terminal is similar to canceling cash payments. The difference is that you have to make a refund on the payment terminal as well according to the instruction received from the bank.

To cancel order payment in iikoFront:

  1. In the advanced menu, go to Current orders > Closed orders.
  2. Open the required order and click REFUND.
  3. Tap OK and swipe a manager’s card to confirm the operation. A window that controls the payment terminal opens up requesting a guest bank card.
  4. Ask your guest to insert or swipe his or her card used to pay the order.

Once the reversing is complete, a refund receipt and two slips would be printed out.

In case of any disputes and cash register refunds, you have to verify the results.


Verification of cash register totals is an operation that checks all posted payments and refunds per day. When the verification is complete, the system prints a report on cash operations covering the period from the most recent verification till now.

Cash verification takes place automatically at the till shift closing. In some cases, for instance, receipt reversing, the verification can be carried out manually. For this, while in iikoFront, click  and then Plugins > Sberbank > Verification of results.

To carry out this operation, an employee must have the “Perform administrative operations with payment systems” (PS_ADM) permission.