Consolidated production orders are generated automatically based on all orders received from your outlets (Production and Logistics section). An order may contain both items that do not require preparation and semi-finished products and meals. In the latter case, a preparation order—list of semi-finished products—shall be generated.

For this, click the List of s/products button in the consolidated order, check a tab corresponding to a shop and click Accept.

A document called the List of Semi-Finished Products will be generated showing items grouped by shops. The required volume of meals to be prepared will be auto-calculated based on station cards. You may change these values in the Quantity field.

To add an item, place a cursor in the SKU or Product field of the empty row and select a stock list item from the list. The list includes all stock list items of the following types: "Item" and "Semi-Finished Product". Then enter the quantity in the required measurement units.

To remove one or more items from the list, select them using the Shift and Ctrl keys and click Delete in the shortcut menu.

You may also add some additional information to the list in the Comment field.

You may print out station cards and ingredients charts for the selected items of the list of semi-finished products.

For this, select the required items using the Shift and Ctrl keys and click Station cards (or Ingredients Charts) in the shortcut menu.