Updated on 2/25/2019
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Before You Start

Before you begin configuring iikoCard5, make sure you have a license installed. To obtain the license, please contact the iiko’s Sales Department or a partner you purchased the system from.

Main steps of iikoCard5 setup:

  1. If you haven’t yet registered on the iiko.biz platform, please do it. For more details, see Registration at iiko.biz.
  2. Install the POS Server. For more details, see POS Server Installation.
  3. Set up the connection to iikoCard5. For more details, see iikoCard5 Connection.
  4. To choose dishes by their stock list names or SKU at the time you configure conditions and actions, export your menu. For how to do it, check the Menu for External System. Then, when you add new items, the menu will be exported automatically.
  5. Configure marketing programs at iiko.biz. For details, see Creating a Program.
  6. To carry out accounting, add a new payment type. For more details, see Payment Type.