Step 1. Check your license 

Before setting up iikoCard, make sure you have a license installed. To obtain the license, please contact the iiko’s Sales Department or a partner you purchased the system from.

Step 2. Registration on 

If you haven’t yet registered on the platform, please do it. For more details, see Registration at

Step 3. Install the POS Server 

The POS server provides for the off-line operation and makes it possible to serve your guests and run marketing campaigns even if the Internet connection is lost.

A computer with the POS server installed has to run all the time, and you have to have a good and stable connection with it. 

You can install the POS server on:

  • The main cash register. In this case, it is installed together with iikoFront.  
  • A separate server or iiko server. To install the POS server:
    1. Download the POS Server Setup File.
    2. Run Setup.iikoCard.POS.exe.
    3. To change the setup directory, click Parameters, specify the path in the pop-up dialog and click OK.
    4. Check I Agree if you accept the license agreement terms and then Install.
    5. Once the installation is complete, click Close.
From this point on, POS servers will update automatically. In which case, it doesn’t matter where they are installed—on the main cash register or the server. You can check if the servers are updated or force them to update on the POS Status tab.

Step 4. Set up the connection to iikoCard 

You can configure iikoCard to POS connection in iikoOffice. For this, go to the iikoCard directory and click iikoCard Setup.

When you establish connection with, you don’t have to additionally specify server addresses—POS servers connect to the portal by default. You only need to specify the POS server location (the Cash Register POS Server tab).

If you use your own iikoCard server and have a delivery service and a call center, you have to make some additional settings.

For how to do it, refer to the iikoCard Connection article.

Step 5. Export your menu 

When you set up conditions and actions, you might find it handy to select menu items by their names or SKUs right from the stock list. For this, you need to export your menu to iikoOffice. For how to do it, check the Menu for External System article. From this point on, if some new items appear on your menu, the menu will be exported automatically.

Step 6. Set up your iikoCard programs 

Go to to set up your marketing programs. For details, see Creating a Program.

Step 7. Add the payment type 

To carry out accounting, add a new payment type. For more details, see Payment Type.

Step 8. Set up the mail server

If you plan to use mailing lists, you need to set up the mail server, which will be used to send out your emails. For how to do it, please refer to the Global Settings article.