The bonus program defines the rules for crediting bonuses to guests' accounts for their orders, as well as the rules for paying for dishes using the accumulated bonuses. You can set up an individual program for each outlet.

One can create the Bonus Program the same way as other types of programs - using the Program Builder. See the New Program and Campaigns articles.

A guest will be included into all active bonus programs automatically upon swiping his card while on the payment screen in iikoFront.

A special payment type shall be created to pay orders with bonuses. On how to do it, see Create payment type. Check the required bonus program in its settings. Then, when a customer wishes to spend bonuses, swipe their card while on the cash register screen. For details, see Pay with bonuses.

To have bonuses accrued on the guest’s card, swipe it in the order taking window or the cash register screen.