Using special coupons, guests can take part in special offers and receive presents, for instance, they may purchase a dish for a special price or get it for free.

A discount coupon has a unique code to be used at the time of payment for an order. The coupon can only be used once. This depends on the settings specified when coupons are issued. As part of an order, you can use only one coupon. Validity of a coupon depends on duration of the special offer for which it can be used.

To go to the list of coupons, choose Guests | Coupons. The table lists all previously issued coupons. Activated, i.e. already used by guests to receive discounts, as well those removed, are ticked correspondingly.

Issue of coupons

Coupons should be entered into the system before distributing them. In order to issue new coupons:

  1. Enter the portal.
  2. Choose the menu item Guests | Coupons.
  3. Click Issue coupons.
  4. In the box which opens, enter the following information for the coupons to be issued:
    • Series name. Enter the series name of the coupon to be issued.
    • Prefix. A coupon number is unique and consists of two parts. Prefix is the first part of the number. Prefix will be the same for all coupons of the same series issued as one batch.
    • Number of coupons. Specify how many coupons of the series should be issued.
    • Length of the dynamic part of the coupon. Specify how many symbols the second part of a coupon number (randomly generated) will consist of.
    • Character set. Select rules for creating the dynamic part of coupons: only digits, only Latin letters, digits and Latin letters.
  5. To activate coupons at the time of payment for an order and make their further use impossible, check Activate coupon after order closing. To enable multiple use of a coupon, uncheck the option. In this case, one can only invalidate a coupon manually by pressing Activate.
  6. Click Save.

Issued coupons cannot be edited. You can only remove a coupon created with an error and then issue a new one.

To delete one coupon, use a button located at the same line with the coupon.

To delete several coupons at a time, press Delete at the top of the window. This will delete all items given in the table. Therefore, prior to deleting several coupons filter out the data, for instance, by the series, and then press Delete and confirm the action.

Information The Delete button is available only to those users who have rights to access Outlet Settings.

Setting up a special offer using coupons

Coupons can be distributed by SMS and mailing, social ads and advertisement on the restaurant website with specification of coupon numbers in them.

If you need to make a discount using a coupon, add the Coupon condition to its settings. In the condition settings, choose the series of coupons that will be used for offer discounts or tick Any Series, when coupons of all series can be used.

Using coupons

To make an offer-based discount for a customer using the coupon:

  1. Accept the guest's order.
  2. Once the guest has presented the discount coupon, click Discounts/Surcharges.
  3. In the box which opens, click Add coupon.
  4. Enter the coupon number and click OK.

If all offer conditions are met, and the coupon is active, the guest will be given a discount or a present in accordance with the offer conditions.

After closing an order, the used coupon will be marked as activated and not available for use.