In case of any iikoCard operation errors, check this before you contact iiko support:

  1. Check iikoRMS version. It must be at least 4.3.1.
  2. If your RMS is older than 4.4.5, make sure the (C:\Program Files\iiko\iikoRMS\Server\config) configuration file has the enable-iikoCard=true key.
  3. Make sure you have an iikoCard license. You can check this in the Help > About section.

  1. If you have iikoRMS version 5.1 and later installed, check iikoCard connection settings:
  • iikoCard activated is checked in the iikoCard > Settings window.

  • POS server installation location is specified on the Cash Register POS Server tab. 

  1. Make sure the payment type settings are correct. For details, see Payment type. In case of iikoRMS 5.0 and older, it shall have the POS server connection specified. 

  1. Make sure you use the latest version of the POS server. For this, go the news page at and check if there has been any new versions released lately.
  2. In the case of iikoOffice version 5.3 and later, you can check if you have an iikoCard license, up-to-date POS server version and run an update, and check connection statuses on the Connectivity Diagnostics tab in the iikoCard > Settings.
  3. The Cash Register POS block will display the status information if you have a POS installed on the server or if the address is entered manually. If POS is installed on the main cash register, check iikoFront for the diagnostics.

    The Call Center POS block is missing if you don’t have a delivery call center installed.

  1. If you don’t have an access to iikoOffice, then you can check a POS server connection status and locate an error if any on the Administration > POS Status at For more details on the diagnostics page, check the POS Server Status article. 

Most of the errors in iikoCard operation occur due to the incorrect setup of the system and payment type. The table provides the most common issues.



The program has an action with the account auto-top-up configured with the “zero balance” option. In this case, an account tops up for a different amount.

Each program must have only one Account Payment action with the auto-top-up configured.

When you try to sync the data via the plugin in iikoFront you get the following message: “Additional operations are unavailable as the iikoCard payment type is not configured.”

In case of iikoRMS 5.0 and later, make sure the “Non-cash payment” type is selected in the payment type settings.

One particular program doesn’t work

Make sure the program is checked in the payment type for iikoRMS older than 5.0. If unchecked, the program won’t work!

Discount programs are automatic in version 5.0 and later.

Payment types shall be checked only for the programs which have the payment action.