If registered in iikoCard, guests may participate in special offers, get discounts and gifts, and pay orders.

This section explains how to register a new guest, authenticate him/her in the order, top up an account, check the balance and pay an order using iikoFront in both the Restaurant and Fast Food modes. For details on the application of iikoCard special offers in the delivery service, see iikoCard in Delivery Service.

Registration of a new quest in iikoFront

You may register a guest in two ways: in iikoFront or at For how to add a new guest at, see the New Guest article.

To register a guest in iikoFront:

  1. Go to the advanced menu and select Plugins > iikoCard: Bind card to phone number
  2. In the appearing window, swipe the card or enter its number and tap OK.

  1. Enter the guest telephone number and press OK. The system would use this number to send the account balance information.

  1. If the telephone number verification is enabled, your guest would receive a text message with a code.
  2. Ask your guest to tell this code to you and key it in. Click OK.

If no SMS arrived, check the phone number.

If the system already has such a number, a new card will be added to the existing guest file.

Another way to register a new quest:

  1. Go to the advanced menu and select Guest list > New guest or, while in the order window, select Discounts/Surcharges > New guest.
  2. Enter the guest’s full name, telephone number or the card number you are issuing.
  3. If you use photo authentication, tap . Once the system takes a picture of your guest, press OK. The button is available only if you specified the guest’s telephone or card number.
  4. Tap OK to save the guest’s data.

Guest authentication

To be able to pay an order, receive gifts, bonus points and discounts offered to registered customers, the system has to recognize the guest. There are three different ways to do it, and you may choose one in the iikoCard Settings.

For a guest to be eligible for a discount or a gift, he or she must be authenticated on the order screen. Then, at the time of payment, you won’t have to swipe a card again or enter a telephone number. Once you select a payment type, the system finds the guest’s accounts and accrues bonus points.

You may authenticate a guest on the cash register screen at the time of payment as well, but a discount may only be applied to an order amount if there was no guest bill printed. If a guest bill has already been printed, a guest may use his/her account to pay an order and receive bonus points, but a discount won’t be provided.

For the system to recognize a guest, use one of the authentication methods:

  • By card. Swipe a guest’s card right in the order window.
  • By phone. In the order window, go to the Discounts/Surcharges window and tap Find guest. Start typing a phone number in the search bar and select the guest found.
  • By photo. Go to Discounts/Surcharges and select Recognize by photoTap . The window displays a guest’s picture. Tap OK. If a guest is not found by the image, it means that there is no picture of him/her in the system.

Once the guest is authenticated and depending on the campaign conditions:

  • The discount amount will be given in the Discounts/Surcharges field, and the order amount will be recalculated.

  • If a guest is eligible for a gift, you’ll see a tip with an item which can be offered to the guest. Add a gift to the order.

To check for a guest detailed information (who made an order), tap Discount/Surcharge on the order screen and then tap Customer Information. A guest card opens where you may see only the guest’s info but also his/her accounts.

Account top-up

There are two ways to top up a guest’s card:

  1. By hand in the guest’s record at
  2. In iikoFront.

Guest record at

To top up a guest's account at the portal:

  1. Sign in to the portal.
  2. Go to Guests > Guest List.
  3. Click on the selected guest to open his/her record (card).
  4. In the appearing window, find the account that you want to top up on the Balance tab.
  5. Enter the required value in the Amount field.
  6. Enter your comments in the Comment field. This information will be given in the Event log, that registers credit and debit operations.
  7. Press Top up.

Top-up in iikoFront

You can set up a marketing campaign to top up a guest’s account if a certain condition is met, for example, when a certain item is added to an order. This account top-up method is used in deposit programs and if an item subscription is purchased.

Generally, you should follow the steps:

  1. Add a special item to the iikoOffice stock list, for example, “Top up for €20.”

  1. Specify the cost—€20. This is the amount to be paid by guests.
  2. At, go to iikoCard > Programs and select the program, for which a guest's account needs to be topped up.
  3. Click the Edit button opposite the required program.
  4. Create the “Account Top-Up” campaign.
  5. Add the Number of ordered items condition. In the settings, specify the item that was added to the stock list reference book in §§1-2.

  1. Create the “Top up account for amount” action.

  1. Specify the amount to be added to the guest's account provided that the “Top up for €20” item is added to an order.

Remember to update the list of marketing programs in the payment type settings and check the program you have just configured.

When a guest wants to top up their account:

  1. Open a new order and add the “Top up for €20” item to it.

  1. Go to the cash register window and select Non-Cash Payment > iikoCard.
  2. Subject to customer authentication settings, enter the customer’s card or telephone number. Select an authentication method in the iikoCard Global Settings section.

  1. If there is no money on a guest account, click OK in the warning box which opens.
  2. Add another payment type - Cash and enter the amount a guest should pay – €20.
  3. Tap Pay.

As a result, a guest's account will be topped up for €20, i.e. the amount you specified in the program settings at

Balance check

Before you effect the payment, you may check a customer’s account balance: how much funds a customer has on the account and the number of bonus points accumulated. For this:

  1. On the advanced menu screen, choose Plugins > iikoCard: Balance request
  2. Subject to customer authentication settings, enter the customer’s card or telephone number. Select an authentication method in the iikoCard Settings.
  3. Tap OK.

You will see a window with account balances of the customer under current programs.

Order payment

A guest may pay orders with funds on their account as well as accumulated bonus points.

Account payment

To pay an order with funds accumulated on a guest’s account, you have to have the payment type configured. For how to do it, see Payment Type.

For instance, a deposit program is set up, according to which a guest has an account topped up for €50. To pay an order, follow this:

  1. Create an order.
  2. Go to a cash register screen.
  3. Tap Non-cash payment > iikoCard. This payment type shall have the program with a deposit account linked.
  4. Subject to the customer authentication settings, enter the customer’s card or telephone number. Select an authentication method in the iikoCard Settings.
  5. In the Payment window, specify the amount to be deducted from the account to pay the order.
  6. Tap OK.
  7. If there are not enough funds to pay the order fully, add one more payment type and specify the remaining amount.

  1. Press Pay.

If one has already swiped a guest’s card when taking an order, then when paying an order with bonus points or account funds, you have to swipe the card again.

Pay with bonus points

If there is an active bonus program, a guest might wish to pay an order with accumulated bonus points. Payment with bonus points is similar to the e-Wallet payment:

  1. Create a special payment method in iikoOffice.
  2. Select this payment method on the cash register screen. Subject to the customer authentication settings, enter the customer’s card or telephone number. You have to swipe the card even if you had done it on the order screen. Select an authentication method in the iikoCard Settings.
  3. In the Payment window, specify the number of bonus points to be deducted from the account and tap OK.

  1. If there are not enough funds on the account to pay an order in full, add one more payment type, for instance, Cash or Bank Card, and take the payment.