Your customers may use the iikoCard mobile app to:

  • Learn about campaigns currently held at your restaurant.
  • View their accounts and balances.
  • Check their order items and discounts they get or bonus points acquired (only in the Restaurant mode).
  • Pay the order from any account: bonus or deposit (only in the Restaurant mode).

A payment method depends on the venue’s service type:

  • Restaurant. A guest receives a promotion code printed on a guest bill and enters it in an app. To pay an order, a guest shall select an account. A payment method was configured before. It shall specify active programs.
  • Fast food. A guest shows a barcode generated in the app, and a cashier scans it. The system recognizes the guest, applies a discount and accrues bonus points. If he or she wants to use bonus points, a cashier chooses the payment type preconfigured for a bonus program.


You are able to configure all the content given in the app: restaurant description, list of active campaigns and even the layout. The settings apply to all the restaurants that belong to one chain at

  1. Enter as an admin.
  2. Go to iikoCard > Settings and select the Mobile application settings tab.
  3. Select your company or chain.
  4. Select the Service type: restaurant or fast food. The app appearance depends on the service type and how a guest pays an order - with a promotion code or a barcode. 
  5. Add your restaurant’s logo and a picture.
  6. If you don’t want the system sending SMS to your guests as they log in to an app, uncheck the Verify customer number by SMS item.
  7. Enter a detailed Restaurant description.
  8. Make your app look comply with your restaurant’s corporate design. For this, choose corresponding interface colors.



Interactive elements



Non-depressed menu button

Control panel

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  1. In the Privacy Policy field, enter the rules for processing and protection of your guests’ personal information. Before he or she starts using a mobile app, a customer must get acquainted and agree with the rules.
  2. Make a list of active campaigns. Your guests will see this list in the app and know which discounts are currently available. To make a list of campaigns:
    1. Click Create.
    2. Enter the campaign’s name and specify the validity period. 
    3. Add campaign images: small and large.
    4. Provide a detailed description of the campaign terms in the Campaign description field.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Repeat the same for the next campaign on the list.
  3. Click Save.

Registration and sign-in

To pay orders via the app and manage accounts, a customer has to register and sign in to the app. For this, a guest shall:

  1. Open the app and tap Sign In.
  2. Enter his/her phone number and tap Next.
  3. Wait for an SMS with a password, enter it in the app and tap Next. If no SMS comes, tap Retry to send the password again.

As a result, a new customer will be created in iikoCard

If a customer signs out, accounts would no longer be available. He or she would have to sign in again. The process is similar to the registration: enter a phone number and a password received in SMS.

Once a promo code is entered or a barcode scanned (in case of an active bonus program), the system would automatically create a bonus account for your customer. 

Order payment

Let’s consider payment scenarios in both table service and counter service restaurants. Assume a customer has already installed the app and registered.


Order payment in a table service restaurant:

  1. A guest makes an order. Once served, he or she asks for a bill.
  2. A server comes back with a guest bill with a code printed on it.
  3. A guest opens the app, enters the code and taps OK.
  1. In the app, a guest sees his/her order, discounts and accounts. Selects an account to pay an order from and taps Save.
  1. In iikoFront, a cashier switches to the Cash register screen and sees the payment type.
  1. If an order is not paid in full from the customer’s account, a cashier adds one more payment method to pay the remaining amount and taps the Pay button.

Fast food

In the fast food mode, a customer sees only the campaigns and may choose to participate: when to visit a restaurant and which items to order to get a discount, a gift, etc.

Order payment in a counter service restaurant:

  1. A guest makes an order and opens the app where he/she sees a barcode.
  1. A cashier scans a barcode right from the guest’s mobile phone screen. A guest is assigned to an order and discounts apply.
  1. If a guest already has some bonus points and he or she wants to use them, a cashier, while on the Cash register screen, selects the iikoCard Bonuses payment type and enters the number of points to be written off.
  1. The cashier adds one more payment method to pay the remaining amount and taps the Pay button.