The overdraft is a maximum amount that a guest can spend while the connection to the main iikoCard server is lost. It can be useful if there is no Internet connection, and so, no connection to the main iikoCard server.

An overdraft amount can be used only within 24 hours. If, during this period of time, the connection to the main server is not restored, the program payment will not be possible. The overdraft is implemented in programs with daily spending limits.

Overdraft terms can be set in campaigns on the same-name tab and available in the programs implicating account payments: bonus points, food and monetary.

The Overdraft action is used to make the necessary settings. Choose one of the options:

  • Allowed in the amount of balance. The overdraft is allowed in the amount of the guest account balance known to the POS before the internet connection was lost rather than the fixed amount. For instance, there was a €10 balance on a guest’s account, which means he or she may spend this amount in full if in the offline mode.
  • Allowed, the maximum amount. As a result, when the specified amount is reached, the further spending using the account becomes impossible.
  • Allowed, no limits. In this case, a guest may spend any amount, but there is a risk to have a substantial negative balance on the account.

When you create a new program, the Overdraft action with the Allowed in the amount of balance setting is added to the Overdraft tab.

If the Overdraft tab has no settings configured, it means that it is not allowed in this campaign, and, if the connection to the main server is lost, one cannot use this account to pay an order.