At portal you can configure corporate catering programs and marketing actions for organisations and guests you provide service to. 

If your store is already registered at portal, go to program and special offer setup.

Starting from iiko version 4.2, outlet registration is carried out in iikoOffice.

Warning If you have an older version of iikoOffice installed, update the application to version 4.2, otherwise you will not be able to register at portal.

To register an outlet:

  1. Select Data exchange > Connection status.
  2. In the box which opens, complete the following fields:
  • Outlet name – the name which is automatically entered by the system in accordance with your outlet settings.
  • Address – your outlet location address.
  • Currency – the currency which is used by your outlet for sales. The field is automatically completed by the system in accordance with currency settings.
  • Administrator's full name – full name of the employee who is responsible for your organisation's account management at the portal.
  • Email (login) – electronic mail address. You will use this address to enter your personal account on the website.
    Information The email address must be unique for the website and not used during an earlier registration.
  • Password – password for entering your personal account on the website.
  1. Read the terms of services provided to the portal users. For this purpose, click Review the Rules.
  2. Confirm that you agree to the Rules and click the Register button.

As a result, the system will display the message about successful registration of your organisation at the portal and remind you of your user name and password. Using this data, you can receive authorisation on the website.