Use SMS and email to communicate with your customers and get feedback. Tell your patrons about upcoming campaigns, send your birthday greetings, remind of their rewards balance, etc.

In iikoCard, you can set up two types of mailing lists:

  • Periodic. Messages are sent according to schedule.
  • One-time. Messages are sent once at the preset day and time.

Before sending, check your company’s SMS balance. For how to do it, check the SMS article. 

If you use iikoWallet digital cards and your customers keep their cards in Apple Wallet or Wallet Passes, then they would receive PUSH notifications rather than SMS if connected to the Internet.

SMS Balance

You can send SMS if you have the balance to do so. For details, see the Billing article.

If you have no balance on your account, please contact iiko sales department and purchase one of the packages: iikoNotification 2000, iikoNotification 5000, iikoNotification 10000.  After this, you can set up the template.

New Mailing List

The system sends out messages to your customers automatically. All you need is a preset message template with a distribution schedule and text. You have to prepare a template for each type of a message, schedule, or group of guests.

Step 1. Create a mailing list

  1. Go to iikoCard > Mailing Lists.
  2. Click Create.

Step 2. Settings

Enter the template name, specify the period, and check the Active item. Required fields are marked with an asterisk “*”.

Step 3. Schedule

If you don’t want to set up a schedule for your newsletter and SMS, skip the Schedule tab and proceed to the next step ‒ Message Text
To learn how to add your patrons to such a mailing list, please keep reading.

Periodic Email & SMS. To set up periodic mailing and texting: 

  1. Go to the Schedule tab and check the Periodic Email & SMS item. You will see some more schedule settings.
  2. Select the Frequency:
    • Daily. Your messages (emails and/or SMS) will be sent every day at the same time.
    • Weekly. Your messages will be sent on specified days of week at the same time. 
    • Monthly. Your messages will be sent once a month on the date you think fit. If you set the date to the 31st and some months have no such date, the send out date will the last date of that month. 
    • Yearly. Your messages will be sent once a year on the specified date.
  3. Specify the send time for your newsletter/SMS. 
  4. In the Pending period field, specify the number of hours during which the system would keep trying to send your messages if the first attempt fails.  Messages are only available till the end of the current day. Suppose the send time is 7:00 PM and the pending period is set to 12 hours. The system would stop trying to send your message at midnight. 
  5. In the Sending frequency for the same customers field, specify how often the system should send messages to a guest. 
  6. Specify the recipients.  
    Filters can be combined. Thus, if you want to send birthday greetings to your VIP guests only, use both the birthday filter and the VIP category filter. 
    • Guests who have birthday. Your messages will contain congratulations. Your guests have to have their birthdays specified in their records. 
    • Guests whose most recent visit was. Your message will be sent to those guests who visited your venue a certain number of days ago. 
    • Guests with category. Here you can choose the categories you created earlier and assigned to your guests. You can send any messages to such guests.

Step 4. Message Text

Compose your message and enter the text on the SMS text and Email text tabs.

If you don’t want to use either of the two, simply do not add any text on the respective tab. You can use the {UserName} macro for a guest name in your message. It will be used to make your message personal.

Step 5. Save your settings

Mailing List Report

Use this report to learn who and when received your messages. To view the report, go to the Mailing Lists, select your template and click Edit in the column to the right. On the template page, you will see a brief statistic on sent emails and texts.

For details, click on the Detailed report on mailing list link. You can export the report to Excel or print it out. 

Putting Guests On Your Mailing List

To add guests to your SMS and email list, check the Subscribed to Emails & SMS item in their records. If you opt them out, your guests will not get messages even if they are eligible.

To enable this option for more than one customer at a time:

  1. Go to iikoCard > Guests.
  2. Select your guests using the required filters. For instance, by category.
  3. Click Actions > Set up mailing lists.
  4. In the pop-up window, select the Enable the "Subscribed to Emails & SMS" setting for selected guests item.
  5. Click Save.

To send messages to your guests, put them on the mailing list. Though some guests may be excluded from the existing mailing list. You may as well add guests to a single-shot mailing list. For this:

  1. Go to iikoCard > Guests.
  2. Select your guests using the required filters. For instance, by category.
  3. Click Actions > Set up mailing lists.
  4. Select the mailing list in the pop-up box:
    • Include guests in the mailing list. Nonrecurring mailing lists are available under this item.
    • Exclude guests from the mailing list. Here you can find all active mailing lists.
  5. Click Save.