The Tips is one of the tools that can help improve sales. This way the system reminds a cashier to suggest that a guest should add an item to his/her order or to simply perform a certain action. For example:

  • To offer a guest trying a new dish or an expensive dish which is hard to sell.
  • Add another item to have a special price.
  • Offer a side dish, for example, a sauce for French fries.

You can set up tips for any active campaigns using the Tip action. For this:

  1. When creating a special offer, click Create and choose Tip in the Action block.
  2. In the new window:
    1. Enter the tip text. It shall not exceed two lines. Each line has a maximum length of 60 characters.
    2. Press Create and start typing an item name or SKU which a cashier may offer to a guest. One item per line. To offer some more items a guest to choose from, click the Create button one more time and select another item.
  1. Click Save.

Suppose you want a cashier to be prompted to offer a sauce with a pizza. For this:

  1. Create a program at the portal.
  2. Create a condition—Number of ordered items.
  3. Add the required item in the condition settings, for example, a Cappuccino.

  1. Add the Tip action.
  2. Enter the tip text and add a sauce that should be additionally ordered if the pizza is already in the order.

  1. Save the settings.

The tip will be displayed as follows:

  1. A guest makes an order that includes the pizza. Once the pizza has been added, the tip is displayed.

  1. Click the sauce name button. It will be added to the order immediately.

  1. Take the payment and close the order.

The tip may be just a reminder. For example, ask a guest for an ID if he or she orders an alcoholic drink. To configure such a tip, follow this:

  1. Create a program at the portal.
  2. Create a condition - Number of ordered items.
  3. Add a mask for Alcohol items to the condition settings.

  1. Add the Tip action and enter the tip text.

  1. Save the changes.

When you add an alcoholic drink to an order, the system will remind you to ask for an ID.