Use prompts to boost your sales or help cashiers interact with customers: 

  • Remind your cashiers to greet customers.
  • Show the account balance right after swiping a loyalty card.
  • Verify the age to sell spirits and for some other reasons.
  • Advise your cashiers to offer a guest a new dish, an expensive dish, which is hard to sell, or a side dish or condiment, like french fry or pizza sauce.
  • Add other items to have a special price.

Prompts may pop up automatically if a customer is entitled to a gift according to some campaign terms. You can add this gift to an order right from the prompt.


You can set up prompts for any active campaigns using the Prompt action:

  1. When creating a campaign, click Create in the Action block and choose Prompt.
  2. Enter the prompt text: this may be a simple text or a special Razor template.
    The text must not exceed two rows, each having no more than 60 characters. 
  3. If you want to offer an item within a prompt, click Create and start typing its name or an SKU. To add another item, click Create again and enter the name.
  4. Click Save.

Prompt Text

You can use both the regular text and a Razor template which has better functionality. To set up the template, you need to be familiar with the Razor syntax and the data model.

To learn which model is used for prompts only, click the Get model fields button.

To preview the resulting text, click Preview.

When you save the action settings, the system would check your template parameters.

To learn what kind of prompts can be used and when, check the Examples of Prompts article.