The program may include several marketing campaigns that share settings, for instance, the duration and account type.

To create a new program, follow this:

  1. Sign in on the portal.
  2. Go to iikoCard > Programs.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Enter the Program Name and Period of Validity.
  5. Specify the program type. Depending on the program, you might be required to create a customer’s account and make certain settings. Select one of the options:
    • Discounts, gifts, combo (no account). Use this type to create a program for discounts, gifts, or combos. The system does not create a customer’s account within this program. While in the campaign builder, you are not able to check the account balance, top it up, and pay from the account.
    • Monetary program. Use this type to create deposit programs and corporate catering programs. An account is created for a customer or company which can be topped up and used to pay orders. The account balance is measured in currency, for instance, euro.
    • Bonus program. Customers participating in this program have an account created, which is used to accumulate bonus points. A customer may use them to pay orders in full or in part. See Bonus program.
    • Food program. The system creates an account for a customer to keep the information on the number of meals rather than the amount of money. Use this program to sell subscription-based products. See an example in the Item subscription article.
Once the program is created, you will not be able to change its type.
  1. As may be required, enter your Comments.
  2. Check the Active item.
  3. Check the Send SMS to guests if balance changes item so that your customers get notified if any top-ups or deductions take place on their account. By default, your customers receive preset SMS, but you can change the text in the top-up and payment settings. Your customers receive messages if the Subscribed to mailing lists and SMS item is checked in their records.
To send text messages, you have to purchase one of the SMS packages: iikoNotification 2000, iikoNotification 5000, iikoNotification 10000 (for details, see Billing). If no package purchased, your customers will not receive SMS notifications.

When you set up a corporate catering program for any company, its staff shall not receive account balance notifications. To cancel customer notification, disable the option.

  1. Click Save.
  2. If you create a program for a chain of restaurants, you may specify where it shall be used. If a program must work in the entire chain, check Program is active across all the chain outlets. If a program must work in some of the outlets, uncheck the item and select the required outlets.

You can suspend the program by changing its status to inactive. For this:

  1. When at, go to iikoCard > Programs.
  2. Click Edit opposite the selected program.
  3. On the appearing page, uncheck Active.
  4. Click Save.

To view inactive programs, check Show Inactive on the iikoCard > Programs page. All inactive programs will not have a check in the Active column.

Program Combinations

Your customers may take part in several campaigns at the same time: they may get a discount and pay an order with account funds. The order according to which such campaigns are used affects the final total price.

As a general rule, programs are applied the following way:

  1. First, a guest is given a discount for an item or order (discount programs and special prices).
  2. Then a guest may use bonus points that have been accumulated by him/her by the time of payment (bonus programs).
  3. After all this, the funds are deducted from the guest's account (deposit or limit programs).

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