To set up iikoCard special offers, one shall log in at One user is created automatically at the time of the company’s registration at via iikoOffice (see Registration at the portal). You may add one more administrator or user to perform specific functions, for instance, set up special offers (campaigns) or run reports.

New Users

To create a new user, follow this:

  1. While at, go to Administration > Users.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Type a new user’s email in the Email field. It will be later used for authentication.

  1. Click Save. You will receive a confirmation email, so you will be able to activate your account.
  2. Click the link given in the email.
  3. Enter a password for the new account.
  4. Click Restore access.

The new account will be activated, and the user will be able to authenticate at The system will automatically generate the Key for external applications used to identify users in third-party apps, for instance, iikoDeliveryMan. If you don’t activate your account, you won’t be able to use it authenticate at and edit its permissions.

If a user hasn’t got a letter with an activation link, send it again. For this, click Send again in his/her card.

User permissions

Operations available to a user at are limited by permissions.

To confer permissions to a user, follow this:

  1. Go to Administration > Users.
  2. Select the required user and click Edit in the Permissions column. You will see a table with a list of companies.
  3. Check the permissions you want to provide to a user in the organization name line. In case of a restaurant chain, provide permissions for each restaurant separately. For instance, a user may have permissions to view reports at one outlet and manage guests at another.
If a user has no permissions, he or she won’t be able to sign in to
  1. Click Save.

Each permission makes certain menu items available:

PermissionWhat is available
CustomersiikoCard > Guests and all sub-items
iikoCard > Reports > Visitor stats
ReportsAll the reports under iikoCard > Reports
Customer accountsCustomer account balances in his or her card
iikoCard > Issue card
iikoCard > Coupons
Outlet setupThe Organizations item and all sub-items
UsersAdministration > Users
Mailing listsSettings > Mailing lists
The Set up mailing lists button on all the pages (iikoCard > Guests > All guests and Program guests, as well as iikoCard > Reports > Visitor stats)
CampaignsPrograms menu item
Using the app storeApps menu item