The system stores all the information on the user activity: any changes made to settings in iikoChain, sales, cash register operations, document handling, charging penalties and bonuses, and canceling operations. Use the Event log to find out who performed an operation, when and what was the operation. 

For a quick search, use the Event filter. It has the following parameters:

  • Event time - date and time of operation. Use the For period, from and to fields to set it up.
  • Event severity: low, medium and high. For instance, cash register operations are high severity events.
  • Event types, for example, order deletion or guest bill cancellation. The list of available event types depends on the severity.
  • Employee who performed the operation.
  • Terminal an event took place at.
  • Subdivision where an event took place.

Go to the filter settings and click Show events. This will result in the list of events appearing at the right of the window and corresponding to the parameters configured.

If you view the events selected using the same criteria on a regular basis, save the filter settings. For this:

  1. Set up the filter.
  2. Click Actions > Add.
  3. Enter the name of a new filter.
  4. If you want the system to apply this filter at the opening of the log, check the Use as default filter item.
  5. Check the following items if you want to save filter parameters:
    • Save selected event types
    • Save additional filters: terminal, employees, order No. and shift No.
    • Save time filter. Specify the period of time.
  1. Click Save.

When you open the Event log the next time, select the filter you saved before in the Name field and click Actions > Apply.

To change filter settings, select the filter in the Name field and click  or Actions > Edit. Make the required changes and save it.

You may set up a list of standard events to be controlled by the main office and viewed (per each outlet) in the Event log of iikoChain. The information like the removal of items from orders, receipt voiding, and changes in documents: who and when made a change in invoices or sales records can be obtained per each outlet within a 90-day period. Replicating events are configured in the replication.xml file located in \iikoRMS\Server\exploded\WEB-INF\lib\RestoServer.jar.