Main Menu

The main menu is on the left-hand side. Here you can find all the directories you need to set up and run your operations.

iikoCloud users have some additional iikoWeb-related items: Electronic Order, Sales Forecast, and some other.

To go to the directory, click on the item once. All open windows are given in tabs which you can shift back and forth.

To quickly find an item you are interested in, enter its name in the search bar.


Starting from iiko 4.2, the application has a new graphic interface theme.

To roll back to the old theme used in earlier versions, go to Administration > Themes. In the pop-up window, select Classic BackOffice and click OK.

In the Selected cell color drop-down menu, select a color a table cell would take when a cursor is placed on it in all iikoOffice documents.


iiko supports English, German, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, Russian, and some other languages. To change the application language, go to Administration > Language and choose the language from the list.

A request for any language missing from the list can be sent to the iiko Technical Support (

New Features

When you launch the program, you see the news page covering all new features in iiko. To disguise this page, check the don’t show this again item and close it. You would see this window again when updated to a newer version even if the item was checked.

To open the iiko news window again, go to Help > What’s new in version <current version No.>.