iikoChain is a management system tailored for chain restaurants and distribution centers.

The following are the basic things you can do in iikoChain:

  • Manage production: workload planning using consolidated information, keep track of the movement of the ready-to-eat items between subdivisions, purchase foodstuffs.
  • Manage several legal entities as part of one chain.
  • Move marked up products between chain storages that belong to different legal entities.
  • Keep shared directories current: stock list, units of measurement, contractors, etc.
  • Manage storages in all subdivisions.
  • Control price lists: menu items and their prices are defined from the HQ by means of price change orders. It is handy if used in the delivery call center.
  • Control recipe versions: a meal may have slightly different recipes in different restaurants of the chain.
  • Manage human resources: you can assign roles and keep track of labor hours.
  • Obtain information on the sales made at your chain or at each subdivision separately in the form of reports: financial, inventory, sales etc.
  • Use unique enumeration for each outlet by means of numbering templates.
  • Exchange data with other restaurant management systems.