In iiko, all stock operations are operations that involve stock list items accessed in Inventory Management > Stock List:

  • Goods – products or goods as described in retail terms which are booked in under invoices; they may be used as ingredients to prepare items or serve to procure business activities.
  • Items (meals) – products of commercial catering facilities produced according to recipes and sold to individual customers or organizations.
  • Prepared components (semi-finished products/pre-prepared food) – products of commercial catering facilities produced according to their own recipes and used to prepare items.
  • Modifiers – items that add or remove specific food qualities (e.g. no salt, with lemon, etc.). They can have their own recipe.
  • Services – services provided by a venue, e.g., table games, pool, bowling, etc.  See also Service Accounting.
Warning Adding, deleting and editing of stock list items SHOULD ONLY be performed in headquarters.  

Stock list items can be combined in groups. Stock list groups is the multilevel classification by type of storing, application or preparation, for instance, “Foodstuffs - Kitchen”, “Household Detergents”, “Hot Dishes”, etc. When an order is taken in iikoFront, a price list will be displayed with account to the item grouping, i.e., the complete price list would display the highest-level stock list groups and items first.

Chain outlets may have individual stock list groups configured. You can configure this in iikoChain for the root groups (on the Visibility tab) while in the “All Subdivisions” mode. The setting is useful for those restaurant chains which use more than one concept.

Each stock list item must fall under a certain accounting category to obtain corresponding details.

Meals, being stock list items, can be assigned different categories according to which items accounting and reporting data will be read out. A category is assigned when setting up item's parameters on the Additional Information tab. See the Stock list item article.

Iiko supports import of stock list related data from third-party systems.

Price list

One is able to create or change a price list of a chain outlet by means of price change orders. The orders define which outlets shall sell which items and at what price. See the Price List directory.

Individual price lists may apply to different sections (e.g., bar, dining room, etc.), delivery service or groups of guests introduced by means of the price categories.

Prepared orders are sent to each outlet automatically.

One is able to check an effective price list of a particular outlet in the Consolidated price list report.

The names of items and goods included in the price list are displayed on iikoFront terminals.

Item calculation

Creation of recipes and item calculation (as well as prepared components and modifiers) are performed in stock list item cards. For how to fill up the cards, see the Recipes. The calculation is carried out automatically when a recipe is filled up and can be printed out just like a recipe. The entire history of changes made in a recipe is stored in the system.