Installation and Setup
Updated on 12/22/2017
iikoDelivery 5.5
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iikoOffice settings

iikoDeliveryMan setup is carried out in the Driver mobile application block of the general delivery settings.

Driver routes storage time

iikoDeliveryMan registers all driver’s movements, and a manager is able to see if a driver went on dealing with his or her personal matters during working hours. This information goes from the app to a call center and is stored in the system. To limit the amount of such information, drivers’ routes are stored for 7 days by default. Storage time can be 0 to 1000 days. The information will not be stored, if this value is set to 0.

The distance at which a driver is able to mark the delivery as complete

  1. Warning message

A driver is able to mark an order as delivered prior to their actual arrival, at a distance, e.g., 500 meters. When attempting to do it at a bigger distance, a driver receives a warning message. A similar message pops up if a driver does not mark an order as delivered right after it has been handed but rather on the way back. For instance, at a distance over 500 meters from the customer.

Enable the “When changing status to ‘delivered’, check the distance to the address” item and specify the permissible distance in meters.

Delivery according to a route list

iikoDelivery Logistics module plots the best route for a driver and pass it to iikoDeliveryMan. The driver’s orders are given on the mobile app screen in the order he or she shall handle them.

For more details on logistics module, see the Automatic distribution of orders among drivers (iikoDelivery Logistics).

Android settings

Run the application in Android. The first run will display a blank page of settings.

  1. App settings
  1. Enter the application key You can find it in the iikoDeliveryMan card in the application store as “User key for external applications”.
  2. To allow a driver to call an operator, specify the call center’s phone number (or the outlet’s in the terminal delivery).
  3.  Click Save.
  4. Once connection to the application is successfully established, you will be taken to the login page . From this page, you can always go back to the settings and make changes.

If the Cancel button is clicked, no changes will be saved and you will be taken to the previous window.