Installation and Setup
Updated on 4/11/2019
iikoDelivery 6.2
Customer Feedback
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Our feedback system is a useful tool to look into your customers’ satisfaction level as well as analyze the customer service provided by your employees.

With this tool you are able to:

  • Estimate efficiency of all your delivery service departments: the call center, drivers, chefs.
  • Identify difficult customers and prevent negative feedback from spreading.
  • Identify employees providing low quality service.

For this:

  1. Compile a list of questions.
  2. Call your customers, ask them your prearranged questions and put down their answers.
  3. Run reports and analyze the data.


Feedback includes questions and answers. Yes or No questions.

There are four categories of questions used to gather customer feedback:

  • “General questions”
  • “Driver” - driver-related questions.
  • “Delivery operator” - questions related to a call center operator work.
  • “Kitchen in delivery” - questions related to the quality of delivered food.

One is able to configure these questions in the Delivery | Customer feedback section. There is a set of questions prearranged in the system by default. To create a new one, follow this:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Enter the question text and select its category.
  3. Click Save and close.

Use iikoChain to configure such questions for a chain of restaurants with a centralized delivery service. This function will be unavailable in the connected iikoRMS systems.


It’s so often happens that an employee taking care of customers and an employee evaluating customer service are different people.  Therefore, you have to delimit their permissions in the system. To be able to monitor service quality, an employee has to be granted the “Edit feedback” (D_RATE) permission. This permission enables him or her to:

  • Open a list of deliveries.
  • Open and review any delivery.
  • Edit customer feedback and save the delivery with the feedback.

But this employee is not able to:

  • Change statuses and delivery data.
  • Check payment information: amount due, discount amount, discount rate.
  • Export data to Excel.

Entering feedback

The process of registering feedback lies in interviewing customers on particular deliveries and inputting their answers.

Warning You are able to gather feedback only for closed orders. 

To input customer feedback, follow this:

  1. Open a list of deliveries (Delivery | Deliveries).
  2. Select a period of feedback.
  3. Select only closed deliveries.
  1. To know which customer to call and which order to ask about, enable the Most recent interview date and Interviewed columnsThe most recent interview date shows when a customer was last time questioned. In which case, all the deliveries of this customer will be populated with this date, even if the customer provided his or her feedback only on one of their orders.
  2. Open the order which has no feedback.
  3. Click Feedback in the pop-up window. You will see a feedback block.
  1. Interview a customer and click an icon corresponding to their answers:

 - positive response.

 - negative response.

  1. Click Save at point of production.

If an order has been forced to close (see Forced closing of orders), the Feedback button will be inactive. More detailed information on the time of closing of such an order can be obtained in the order history window or in Event Log.