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Updated on 4/11/2019
iikoDelivery 6.2
Delivery Confirmation
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Delivery confirmation may be required for advance deliveries. The operator should call the customer back and make sure the order is still required. This also applies to deliveries from external systems, for example, the outlet's website. The operator should make sure it is not a hoax order.

Regular customers' orders can be confirmed automatically even if they have come from a website. Deliveries to blacklisted customers are not confirmed automatically.

15 minutes before production starts, an unconfirmed order is highlighted in red in the list. When you place the cursor over such a delivery, it will display the message: “Order No.<...> please confirm”.

Information By default, an unconfirmed order 'goes red' 15 minutes before production starts. This value can be set with the DeliveryConfirmingTimeout parameter in Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\iiko\Rms\Delivery.config.xml.

Unconfirmed deliveries are shown in iikoFront. However, production for such a delivery should start only after the delivery is confirmed. This can only be done by a user with the Confirm Deliveries (D_CND) permission. If only a call center operator should be able to confirm the delivery, do not grant this permission to outlet's employees.


To set up delivery confirmation process, follow this:

  1. Open the settings window. For this, go to Delivery | Delivery Confirmation. Such settings should be made in iikoChain for a chain of outlets managed from HQ.
  2. Check Enable delivery confirmation.
  3. By default, advance delivery can be confirmed (manually or automatically) if there are at least 24 hours before the estimated delivery time. This period can be modified For this, specify how many hours in advance orders can be confirmed in the Confirm early orders not earlier than field.
  4. Check Confirm deliveries automatically. In this case, external orders will be saved at an outlet with the Waiting status.
  5. External orders can be confirmed automatically only if they have been received from regular customers, i.e., they have a certain number of successfully delivered orders. For this, specify the number of paid orders of a customer required for automatic confirmation and if delivery addresses shall be taken into account:
  • To any address If a customer used to place orders to be delivered to different locations, then if he made at least X delivery orders to one of those, such deliveries will be confirmed automatically.
  • To the same address Customer’s orders will be automatically confirmed, if they’d placed at least X orders to the same address. Here you can select the delivery point to a precision of a building or apartment.

In case of orders to be picked up by customers, the delivery address will not be taken into account.

  1. The system allows to exclude some deliveries from automatic confirmation based on the following criteria:
  • Amount The system won’t confirm the orders automatically if their amount is greater than the value specified in the Order amount is more than N euro field.
  • Blacklist The system won’t confirm blacklisted customers automatically. The parameter is enabled by default.
  • Phone If a customer have placed an order via landline, they might not receive the SMS confirmation on the order acceptance, therefore iikoDelivery allows to exclude such orders from automatic confirmation list.
  • Dishes Some items require manual confirmation of a delivery, therefore the system may exclude the orders containing such items from automatic confirmation.

Manual confirmation

To confirm a delivery:

  1. Find an Unconfirmed order in the deliveries list and click the order's corresponding row.
  2. Click Confirm in the order card. The button name will change to Cancel confirmation.

After confirmation, the order acquires 'time to cook' status.

Confirmation of an order made by mistake can be cancelled with Cancel confirmation.

The confirmation mode can be use in parallel with automatic production mode. In this event, the order changes the status to 'In progress' directly after confirmation. To cancel confirmation of an order in this status, you need to delete all dishes in the order. For more details on automatic preparation, see Automatic sending of orders for cooking.

Automatic confirmation

Automatic confirmation applies to orders that come from external systems over API provided only that the following conditions are met:

  • Confirmation has a time limit, which is specified in the Confirm orders not earlier than field.
  • The order can be saved to an outlet.
  • Automatic assignment to an outlet was triggered and the outlet has been selected.
  • All mandatory fields of the delivery have been completed.
  • The customer's phone number and address are not blacklisted.
  • The number of paid orders is set in the Automatically confirm orders only for customers with <n> or more paid orders field.
  • If automatic confirmation has been triggered, delivery is saved to the outlet directly in 'Confirmed' status.