FAQ on the setup and operation of iikoDelivery is based on questions often asked by users. You can find an answer to your question here too. The list of questions and answers will be updated.

  1. Is the delivery service available at an оutlet in FastFood mode? Or is the delivery is only compatible with TableService mode?
  2. Delivery is available at an outlet both in restaurant service mode and fast food mode.

  3. Is it possible to cut the time of exchange between a call center and an outlet? When a call center operator saves a delivery, it takes two minutes on our side for it to appear at an outlet.
  4. You have a server call interval configured to 120 seconds in the call center connection plug-in settings. You can reduce it, for example, to 30 seconds.

    Where can I configure an interval of outlet to call center exchange?

    Set a smaller interval on the main cash register in the %AppData%\CashServer\PluginConfigs\Resto.Front.Api.Delivery\deliveryPluginConfig.xml file in the <connectToServerDelayInSeconds>30</connectToServerDelayInSeconds> string.

    After this, you must restart the main cash register.

    Synchronzation frequency of less than 30 seconds is not recommended.

    Call center connection plug-in configuration is described in the Delivery installation and setup section.

  5. Is the main cash register the only one that can be used as a delivery terminal for iikoCallCenter? Is it possible to use a cash terminal which is not the main cash register?
  6. Any terminal within the front group can handle deliveries. There are no limitations here. The only limitation is that the delivery PLUG-IN must be installed on the main cash register. However, this purely a technical limitation that does not affect the employees' work.

  7. Can I set discounts for selected item categories in the call center?
  8. It can be done in iiko 3.1.3 and later versions. A call center operator selects a discount for categories manually. This discount only applies to order dishes related to this category. The order amount is recalculated. For details, see Discounts and surcharges.

    In the current iiko version, the call center does not apply automatic discounts, time-limited discounts and discounts not active at the selected outlet. In call center, only one discount can be granted to a customer by selecting it manually.

    There are no limitations on applying discounts in iikoFront for terminal delivery.

  9. Why can't an outlet's terminal connect to the call center?
  10. Note. An error persists in delivery logs:


    REMOTE CALL: http://{CALL_CENTER_ADRESS}/resto/serv...liveryTerminal (3bcad0c0-ab29-365a-0141-8adf8626000b, Resto.Data.DeliveryTerminalSettingsDto)

    [2013-10-08 00:46:12,861] INFO [9] [ServerSession:CreateRequest] - Server method called: registerDeliveryTerminal

    [2013-10-08 00:46:12,886] ERROR [9] [DeliveryPlugin:LogServerException] - Error while calling server method. ExceptionType = Resto.Framework.Common.RestoServerException, Message = Cannot find entity of class DepartmentEntity with id 3bcad0c0-ab29-365a-0141-8adf8626000b".

    Centralized delivery for iikoChain requires special settings. Retrieve reference books of all outlets should be enabled for the call center. This mode is set in the Corporation Corporation Setting <call center> section in iikoChain. Then repeat the replication and restart iikoFront which cannot connect to a call center.

    For details, see Centralized Delivery for iikoChain.

  11. We are using several RMS and Chain systems. One RMS is used as a call center, and Chain has the Retrieve reference books of all outlets option enabled. I'm trying to register terminals at the call center but get an error in the logs:
  12. [2014-04-01 03:29:56,740]  INFO [8] [ServerSession:CreateRequest] - Server method called: registerDeliveryTerminal

    [2014-04-01 03:29:57,041] ERROR [8] [DeliveryPlugin:LogServerException] - Error while calling server method. ExceptionType = Resto.Framework.Common.RestoServerException, Message = Delivery terminals department differs from server department



                    REMOTE CALL: http://serverURL:serverPort/resto//services/frontDeliveryOrders?methodName=registerDeliveryTerminal

    This problem occurs if the iikoRMS server has no license for iikoCallCenter. You need to purchase it. Please contact iiko sales department or the iiko partner where you purchased the system.

  13. I use a network configuration connecting several outlets. I would like to create a centrally managed delivery service with a call center. May I deploy a call center based on one of the restaurant servers?
  14. No, such configuration is not supported. The Retrieve reference books of other outlets replication shall be used for a network call center. Operation of regular POS is impossible in this mode.

  15. After an update from 3.2.2 to 3.3.3 version, the default city line appeared in the delivery settings set to “London”. We have changed it to “Birmingham”. However, London appears again after an overnight data exchange with iikoChain when printing delivery receipts. How can I change the default delivery city?
  16. Go to the city reference book in iikoChain and open 'London' for editing. Enter your city's name instead of London and save the setting. Perform replication. There is no need to restart iikoFront.

    See also Delivery Cities.

  17. I am creating a delivery from the list of deliveries in the call center. Why can't the system find my customers' details?
  18. To create a delivery for existing customers, go to the customer list, find the customer by any field and click Create delivery.

    See also Order Taking.

  19. A phone area code is set for the city. I create a delivery, enter the customer's short phone number, but no area code is added. Why?
  20. The customer's address should first be provided in the delivery and the city should be entered. This is when the system can 'understand' the area code of which city should be added to the short number.

    See also Entering Short Landline Numbers.

  21. Does iikoDelivery support PBX?
  22. Yes, it does.

    For setup and integration of PBX, refer to the Using PBX for call processing when taking orders (iikoPBX) section.

  23. Which PBX are supported?
  24. All SIP compatible BPX are supported. For more details on SIP protocol, refer to As of now, we have tested connection to the following BPXs: Mango Telecom, Oktell, АТС Askozia and Asterisk FreePBX.

    See also Appendix PBX connection setup taking MangoOffice as an example.

  25. Is PBX integration supported only in iikoCallCenter? Do I have to install iikoCallCenter to arrange PBX integration?
  26. No, PBX integration is possible both in iikoCallCenter and iikoDelivery.

    For more details, please refer to the following sections: Phone calls at a call center for iikoCallCenter and Phone Calls in iikoFront,  for iikoDelivery.

  27. Integration with PBX has been set up. An audio device error occurs during any delivery operation.
  28. Check audio system settings. Go to Control Panel  Sound. The devices on the Recording and Sounds tabs must be active. If none is available, connect operational recording and audio playback devices and set them up. A correct configuration example is given in the figure.