Installation and Setup
Updated on 4/11/2019
iikoDelivery 6.2
Order Taking
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General workflow

To create a new order, follow these steps:

  1. Click New delivery on the screen displaying the list of deliveries. This displays the customer selection screen. You can see the list of customers who have ordered a delivery in the past. Blacklisted customers are highlighted in red (see Blacklisted customer).
  1. Try to find this customer on the list (see Quick customer search).
  • If such a customer is found in the list, they are highlighted in yellow. Select them by clicking OK.

Several customers may be found for the entered information. Under the name of each customer, you will see the details based on which they were found. Select the desired customer and click OK.

The delivery card is populated with the details of the last delivery made for this customer. The delivery also includes the details specified for the customer in the customer reference book in iikoOffice (see Client reference book).

  • The screen may display the message 'Nothing found.' This means that the customer is ordering a delivery for the first time. Click New customer.

If you have tried to find a customer and have entered the correct phone number or name, this information will be recorded in the appropriate field for the new delivery. You will not need to enter this information again.

  1. This opens either the screen for working with the order or the delivery screen. This depends on the order you process your orders - whether you enter the customer details first and then the order items, or vice versa, whichever is more convenient. To switch between editing customer details and order items, you can use the Customer/Order buttons. For the order, these buttons are available in any status both on the delivery screen and on the order item screen. The system remembers the sequence in which you accepted the previous order and opens the correct screen when creating a new delivery.
  2. Specify the customer and delivery details (see Customer and delivery details).
  3. Specify order items (see Order items).
  4. To start cooking the order, click (2) Make (see Sending orders to cooking).

Quick customer search

After clicking New delivery in the list of deliveries, you will go to the customer selection screen. Here you can see a list of customers who have a history of orders. For a quick customer search, click the field located at the bottom of the screen (on the right of the on-screen keyboard button), and enter the customer information.

You can use any part of the customer's name for your search, their phone or card number, and other data. The system will carry out the search by all the customer card fields.

If the search takes too long, for instance, due to a large size of your database, then you may configure your system to scan only the particular fields. For this:

  1. Go to Administration > Outlet settings.
  2. Then go to Restaurant settings block on the General Settings tab and select “Telephone, name, last name, card number” in the Customer search fields item. In which case, you will be able to search for a customer only by those fields.

If the customer is not found in the reference book, the information entered in the search bar is used to fill in a new delivery form. You will not have to enter the information again. When you enter the correct phone number, it will be recorded in the corresponding delivery field for a new customer. If other information is entered, for example, the customer's name, this line is recorded in the appropriate field.

Customer and delivery details

To enter the information on the customer and delivery, click Customer on the screen for working with the order.

If a customer has been selected from the list, then their card contains the details of the most recent order delivered to that customer. The card also includes the details specified for the customer in the customer reference book in iikoOffice (see Client reference book).

For a new customer, specify in the appropriate fields the name of the contact person, their phone number and address for delivery. The required fields in the delivery card are asterisked and highlighted in pink. The delivery details of a new customer include information that you have entered when trying to find them in the reference book. This may be the phone number or name of a new customer.

If necessary, the customer details entered for previous orders can be changed. To do this, click the field that requires editing and make changes.

If a customer has a new phone number, e-mail or delivery address, then when entering the new information, the existing details will also be saved and will be available when clicking the corresponding field (see also Editing an Order).

Phone number

If the customer has been found in the list by their phone number, but has several numbers, it is this number that will be inserted in the relevant field of the card, even if it is not the first in the list.

For a new customer, the field may contain a telephone number from the search bar if you tried to find it in the reference book and entered the correct phone number, but found nothing.

If you have entered a phone number in the wrong format, this field is highlighted in pink. The Apply button will be available, but when you click it, the system displays an error message.

When you enter a short phone number of the customer, the system can automatically add the area code (see Entering Short Landline Numbers).

If the terminal is connected to a PBX, the system finds the customer by their phone number and creates a new delivery for them. The telephone field will be populated with the number which may differ from the most recent number used for communication with the customer (see Phone Calls in iikoFront).

Full name

First and middle names is a required field. When you enter the full name, as well as the street name, the first letter is automatically capitalized. For a new customer, the field may contain the name from the search bar if you tried to find it in the reference book by name, but found nothing.

Guest card

In the current version of the system, the Guest Card number is only used for finding the delivery order. No discount is provided automatically for the card. You can assign it manually when preparing the order.

Delivery time

In the Time field, specify the time by which the customer wants to receive the delivery order. See also Actual delivery time.

Delivery type

A customer is able to choose the delivery method - courier delivery or customer pickup (see Collection orders). This option can be configured in the general delivery settings.

Additional information

In the Additional Information field, you can specify any additional information about the customer.

Delivery address

When selecting a customer, the address that the previous delivery was made to will be inserted into relevant card fields. Alternatively, the address the customer has been found by will be inserted.

Enter the new delivery address in the Street, House, Building (unit), Flat (office) fields. The delivery district can be specified. The city can be included in the delivery address (see Delivery Cities).

Click the Street field and try to find the desired name in the list (reference book). For a faster search, click the field located at the bottom of the screen (on the right of the virtual keyboard button), and enter the name. To search, you can use any part of the street name. If the street is found, the corresponding  record is highlighted in yellow, click it.

If you have not found the street, add it to the reference book. For this, click New street, enter the street name and click OK. To add new streets to the reference book and edit their names, you need the permission 'Edit street reference book' (D_EST). If an employee does not have a such permission, then after clicking New street, swipe the card of the employee with said permission.

If there is any information that a driver must be aware of, such as “entrance from courtyard”, “intercom code 123”, add it in the Address Note field. This information will be printed along with address in the invoice and will be visible to the operator when registering subsequent orders for that customer. You can also enter the information about the Guest Card and granted discount.


In the delivery card, you can assign the employee who will deliver the order. To do this, click Driver field and select them from the list. For more details on assigning a driver, see Dispatching orders.

Blacklisted customer

Blacklisted customers are highlighted in red on the customer selection screen. When you select such a customer, an operator receives a warning message. To cancel order processing, click Cancel. If you want to continue processing the delivery, click OK.

When you try to create or save after editing a delivery with a phone number, address (without notes), card number or e-mail belonging to one or more blacklisted customers, the operator will see a warning message. To cancel order processing, click Cancel. You can continue to process the delivery by clicking OK.

On the delivery screen, the blacklisted customer is marked with the Blacklisted button. Click this button to see the reason for blacklisting. If the customer has been blacklisted by mistake, untick Customer blacklisted and click OK to save the setting.

Delivery processing for a blacklisted customer is recorded in the Event Log report (see also Event log).

Order items

Go to the screen for working with the order by clicking Order and enter the order items. If necessary, set a discount. For more details on how to process orders, please see iikoFront User Guide.


The user can add a discount for the order only if they have the permissions 'Set a surcharge and discount for an order' (F_ID) or 'Set a surcharge and discount for an order by guest card' (F_IDGC). The Guest Card number and provided discount are indicated in the invoice. When delivering an order, a driver can check whether a customer has a declared card.

A fiscal receipt can be printed before preparation starts. In this case, a time-based discount, e.g., Happy Hour, will be applied at the time of receipt printing.

Splitting the bill

At the request of the customer, the order can be split among several people. Each person's name can be specified. The breakdown by person is shown in the invoice. It includes a subtotal for each person and the total amount. Individuals' names are printed on dish labels. To use this feature, click Split the bill on the order screen.

Saving an order

You may need to save an order in case of its advance registration. For example, a customer orders a delivery for tomorrow at 19:00. In this case, register the order and save it in the list of deliveries. You can continue working with it later. To do this, in the window for working with the order, click Apply. This button is available both on the delivery screen and on the order items screen. The saved order will be displayed in the list of deliveries with 'Time to cook' status. The delivery number and status name are highlighted in blue. Remember to send the order for cooking on time.