Installation and Setup
Updated on 4/11/2019
iikoDelivery 6.2
Driver Mode
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Order distribution screen

Drivers can select orders awaiting sending and assign the orders to themselves using a special screen. This can be done by employees have the “Become a courier for delivery” (D_DCO) permission.

Information about the drivers' workload is displayed on the screen, and the manager can assign an order to each of them or take the order themselves. You need the “Delivery Management” (D_MD) permission for this.

Only clocked in drivers can be assigned.

The system remembers the screen displayed during the locking, standard one or with drivers. After auto locking, pressing the lock button or enabling the terminal, the last viewed screen is displayed.

You can access the drivers screen from the standard lock screen by means of the Dispatch button. In order to go back to the standard mode, press Lock.

Only orders with the “Awaiting delivery” status are displayed on the drivers screen. Their number is displayed above the list of orders. Orders of the 'Collection' type are not displayed.

In order to see the orders that should be delivered in the first place, sort them by time. To do this, click the header area in the 'Time' column. Data will be sorted in ascending order ( icon). If you click it again, this will change the direction of sorting ( icon). The list of deliveries can be sorted by any parameter.

To search for a delivery, click the field located at the bottom of the screen (on the right of the virtual keyboard button), and enter any information for the order, such as the customer's name or address. The list will display only the records containing the specified sequence of characters. To display all the orders, clear the search bar by clicking Х.

On the left of the list of orders, the clocked in drivers are displayed. Above the list of drivers, the following information is displayed:

  • Number of clocked in drivers.
  • How many drivers are waiting for an assignment and how many drivers are on the way.
  • Average driver performance: average idle time (total waiting time divided by the number of drivers in the list); average idle percentage (total waiting time divided by the total duration of personal shifts and multiplied by 100%).

Here you can check the following information on each driver: name and total waiting time before dispatch. For sent drivers, the system displays the amount of time after which the driver is expected to return. If a driver is late, the time is displayed with a minus sign and highlighted in red. Additional information on the current personal shift is also displayed: number of orders, shift duration, idle time and percentage.

Assign a delivery to yourself

To assign a delivery to yourself, do the following:

  1. Open your personal shift, if it has not already been opened.
  2. Click the Dispatch button on the iikoFront login screen.
  3. In the list, find the order that you want to assign to yourself and click the corresponding line. For a faster search, click the field located at the bottom of the screen (to the right of the virtual keyboard button). You can search using any part of the customer's name, their phone or card number, as well as the details of their delivery address. We recommend you search in the following order: by card number, phone number, address, full name.
  4. Swipe your card. You should be granted the “Become a driver for delivery” (D_DCO) permission.
  5. Confirm the assignment to the chosen delivery by clicking ОK.
  6. After sending, the order is assigned the 'On the way' status and is no longer displayed on the drivers screen. 

Delivery management on the driver's screen

An employee with the 'Delivery Management' permission (D_MD) can assign a driver from the driver screen.

  1. Go to the drivers screen by clicking the Dispatch button in the iikoFront login screen.
  2. In the list, find the order that you want to send with a driver and click the corresponding line.
  3. Swipe your card with the 'Delivery Management' permission (D_MD). You will go to the delivery screen.
  4. Press (3) Dispatch.
  5. Select a driver from the list. You will go to the list of deliveries.
  6. You can go back to the drivers screen by clicking the Lock button.

Driver is not clocked in

If your personal shift is not open yet, the system will suggest to go to the personal page after you select the order and swipe your card. To clock in, click the following buttons: ОK Clock in ОK Lock. You will be taken back to the drivers screen.