Installation and Setup
Updated on 4/11/2019
iikoDelivery 6.2
Restaurant Workload
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Workload schedule

One is able to evaluate an outlet’s workload and performance by means of visualization graphs located in the Delivery | Restaurant workload section.

The report window consists of several blocks:

  • Delivery terminals The block gives all the delivery terminals exchanging data with the server.
  • Employees The graphs provide information on the performance of each preparation shop and drivers. It equals to the number of clocked in employees and bound to a particular preparation place type. For a correct display of the graphs, you have to set up chefs’ workplaces (see Cook workplaces).
  • Workload by production place type The graphs shows the preparation time shift, i.e., how much time shall pass before you may start cooking the next order in this shop.

Workload graph may change in the following cases:

  • An item is added to the preparation queue. In this case, the value will be increased on the time required to cook a new item.
  • Queued item is marked as prepared. The indicator is reduced on the time required to cook a prepared item.
  • The number of chefs changed

In case of a delivery terminal failure, will be displayed next to its name, and the delivery will not be estimated.

Possible terminal to server connection errors:

  • Terminal does not support the kitchen workload estimation procedure.
  • No data exchange between the server and the terminal.
  • Data exchange was carried out more than 10 minutes ago.

Chef's workplace

To assign a chef to a preparation place, follow this:

  1. Open the Delivery | Restaurant workload report and navigate to the Cook workplaces tab.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Select an employee and specify the preparation place apposite to their name which is his or her workplace.
  4. Click Save.

You can assign each chef to one preparation place only.