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Updated on 11/9/2018
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iikoDelivery 6.2
Handling Cash

At the beginning of the day, a manager hands out accountable change cash to drivers. During the day, drivers get money from customers which makes their debt (amount of money drivers have to hand back to a restaurant) larger. They may clear an outstanding amount in the middle or the end of the day. Use a special report to check the amounts received by drivers.

This article describes how to hand out cash to drivers and clear their debts. For the setup, please refer to the Cash Control article.

Hand Out Change Cash to a Driver

To hand out change cash to a driver, follow this:

  1. Tap then Withdraw cash.
  2. Select Driver’s change.
    Information This item name may vary as it entered manually at the time withdrawal types are set up in iikoOffice.
  3. Select an employee you want to hand out change cash to and tap OK.
  4. Enter your comment and tap OK
  5. Enter the amount and tap Withdraw.
  6. Swipe the card of an employee you are handing cash to. The cash pull window closes.

Money received from customers becomes driver’s debt as he or she marks an order as delivered.

Register Order Payments

A driver returns to a restaurant to register order payments.

To accept the money and clear the driver’s debt:

  1. Tap > Employees' debt.
  2. Select an employee.
  3. Enter the amount a driver deposits in a safe.
  4. Tap Deposit. Driver’s debt is decreased by the amount entered.

Debt Report

Use it to check withdrawal and deposit amounts, as well as accountable cash handed out to drivers. To open it up, tap > Reports and select the “038 Payments to employees” report.

By default, the report shows total sales for all orders and the amount of change cash handed out to each employee.

To view payments broken down by order, tap Parameters, check the Detalization by order item and tap OK.