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Updated on 11/9/2018
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iikoDelivery 6.2
Work Schedule and Mapping

To provide a quality service to your customers, one may divide the service area (city) into blocks and then assign a preparation point to each one of them to provide the fastest delivery. Each such point might have its service conditions set up: work schedule, delivery time, minimum order amount, etc.

The section covers a general list of steps to be made to configure an automatic selection of a preparation point at the time of delivery creation.

To enable and configure an automatic selection of the point:

  1. Go to Delivery | Work Schedule and Mapping. In case of a centralized delivery for a restaurant chain using iikoChain, this setup can be performed from the head office or in iikoOffice installed in a call center.
  2. If you use a third-party automatic order distribution service, check Use external delivery distribution service and specify an address of this service in the adjacent field.
  3. Set up service areas on the map using Google Maps and obtain a link to the created map. See Creating service areas on the map.
  4. Select Geocode service. It allows to translate an object map address into geographic coordinates. This is required to determine which service area a delivery address falls into, since the area corresponds to a set of coordinates. The geocode service may not correspond to the map service used to create service areas. Choose that geocode service which is comprehensive enough for your region.
  5. To avoid creation of deliveries with invalid addresses, check Search for exact address match. If checked, you won’t be able to save an order with incorrect address. You will have to check the address and specify the correct one. If you are granted the Bypass graphic and mapping restrictions (D_BDR) permission, you will be able to save such a delivery but the system will notify you of the incorrect address.
If unchecked, the incorrect address will be determined by the most likely location, and such delivery could be saved. 
  1. Select a service area creation method:
  • Do not use In this case service areas will be missing and automatic delivery distribution among preparation points unavailable.
  • Use maps In this mode you are able to use service areas created right on the map. When selecting such an item, follow this:
    • Paste a link to the map with preliminary configured areas. For more details, see Creating service areas on the map. If the specified link is incorrect, the system will display the standard address search errors.
    • When you are ready with map areas, click the Update area list button. The address search will be carried out on the map. To check service areas which you have configured, click Show map. The map with the plotted service areas will pop up.
    • Check Reject orders in case of errors in geocoding to prohibit saving orders when the system cannot determine a delivery address. If such an order has come from an external system, it will be rejected.

Once the link to the map is deleted, outlets will no longer be bound to service areas. You will need to re-enter the link and make settings.

  • Create manually Select this item if you want to specify service areas by means of the street list and building number range or import such a list from csv file. For more details, see Manual creation of service areas.
Attention! To make this item available, add enable-manual-delivery-zones = true to the resto.properties settings file. 
  1. In order to create orders using addresses within delivery areas, you will need to assign points of productions (delivery terminals) for all areas. Service will not be provided in uncovered areas. Click the Add button in the Delivery areas block.
  2. Select the terminal in the Delivery terminal field and its respective area in the Service area field. A preparation point to which the delivery terminal belongs to is displayed in the Subdivision field of iikoChain.

  1. Specify the schedule settings and other additional conditions for selecting a delivery terminal. For more details, see Service conditions setup.
  2. Click Save and Close.