Delivery points, among which orders will be distributed, can be configured in iikoOffice of the call center. To open a list of terminals, click Delivery | Delivery Terminals.

To have an access to the Delivery | Delivery Terminals item, one shall be granted a license for the terminal delivery or call center.

Here you can add and register a delivery point, edit its card and cancel a registration or remove unwanted points. Moreover, you will be able to see which concept and price category a terminal falls into.

Information You can set a concept and price category for a terminal in the outlet settings.

To open a card of a terminal, double click it or select it from the list and click Edit. In the card, you are able to set the name of the terminal, its address and specify technical information which can be fed to API. On top of that, in the card, you can register, cancel registration and delete a terminal.

The terminal card specifies the time zone. You cannot change it because the system use the terminal operating system settings. The delivery time is estimated with regard to the time zone of an outlet. It is assumed that a customer and an outlet are within one time zone.

Warning The time zone identification is an intrinsic feature of iikoFront version 5.2 and later. If a terminal has an older version (before 5.2) installed, the time zone will be unknown and all the delivery orders will be processed within the call center’s time zone.

Once changes are introduced, click Save and Close.