You can organize a delivery system on your website using the external API for terminal delivery. All orders from your customers are automatically transferred to the point of production in iiko. The customer can order home delivery or collect an order from the outlet. The up-to-date price list with descriptions and photos of dishes is uploaded from iiko to the delivery website. The Data Exchange | Export menu section of iikoOffice is designed for this. You can use the delivery on a website created with any technology.

An off-the-shelf component with customized functionality and design allows you to quickly arrange the delivery service on your website (iikoDelivery Widget module). The component loads the menu and prices from iikoRMS and sends the delivery orders directly to iikoCallCenter or iikoDelivery.

You can find a detailed description of how to work with iikoRMS and iikoChain in iikoOffice User Guide and iikoChain User Guide.

How to integrate iikoDelivery to your website

If you want to connect your restaurant's website to iikoDelivery, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you have installed iiko version 3.7 or later. Otherwise, install an update. For this, please contact a sales department or one of the iiko’s partner you purchased the system from.
  2. Make sure that you have a registered account on If not, please set up an account.
  3. Send a free-form request to Please indicate the name of your restaurant. We will send you a login and password. These should be used by the programmers developing your website.
  4. Make sure that you have a prepared menu to export to your website. You can check this by clicking the Data Exchange | Export menu item in iikoOffice. If the menu is not prepared, create a hierarchy of menu items that will be displayed on the website. For more details, see 'Preparing a menu for external order entry systems' in the iikoOffice User Guide.
  5. If your restaurant has no call center, select a point of delivery that will receive all orders from your website. For this, go to Delivery | Delivery Terminals, select the desired terminal and click Register. To access this menu item, you only need a terminal delivery license.
  6. Export the created menu to the website. For this, click Export in the Data Exchange | Export menu window. Once the first import is complete, the next one will be carried out on schedule. The default menu export interval equals to one hour.
  7. Perform the transfer of orders from your website to iikoDelivery. When accessing our API, use your login and password received from