Setting Up Delivery In The Chain 

  1. While in the call center, use iikoOffice to register terminals and configure delivery parameters: delivery areas, reasons for canceling deliveries, databases of streets and customers.
  2. To send these settings to all your restaurants that deliver, start the data exchange between iikoOffice installed in the call center and iikoChain and then between iikoChain and other delivery outlets.

If you have an iikoDelivery license used in iikoChain, you can edit street and customer databases centrally for the entire chain. Adding, deleting, and editing stock list items, payment and discount types should only be performed in iikoChain.

Price List

In the configuration file of a call center, paste this: 
force-load-classes =,

This will let your terminals receive price change orders even if they have different periods open and avoid mistakes when you hook up new delivery terminals.


While in iikoChain, go to Corporation > Corporation Setup and select an outlet for a call center. Check the Retrieve reference books of all outlets item and save. When running the data exchange with the HQ, not only the call center data will be exported, but also the data of all other outlets—points of production. 

It’s only in this mode a call center can properly interact with delivery outlets. If databases at an outlet and a call center are not synced, an order can become “problematic” when accepted at the call center or transferred to another outlet. For how to monitor and solve delivery-related issues, see Problem Handling.


If your delivery network is large and operates in several cities, it is important to set it up properly to avoid any issues related to the street search. For this:

  1. While in the call center, add all the cities where your network operates to the reference book.
  2. While in iikoOffice of the delivery outlet, open General Delivery Settings and select the city where this outlet operates in the Delivery Cities field. Only this city will be available in iikoFront.
  3. If an outlet operates in more than one city, specify its default city. It will be used to create orders for new customers.