In the Delivery > Delivery reports section of iikoOffice, you can access preconfigured reports, which allow you to retrieve information on the revenue both for the entire chain and for each individual outlet.

You can add the parameters by which you want to retrieve the information to the preconfigured reports. To do this, click Setup and drag the buttons with required parameter names into the rows, columns or table data area in the report. You can save the generated report under your name, and when you open it later it will contain up-to-date information. For example, you can get 'Delivery by Dish' report on accounting days. You can find a detailed description of how to work with such reports in the “OLAP Reports and Example Settings” section of iikoOffice User Guide.

You can retrieve information on deliveries using the following preconfigured reports.

Deliveries by item

With the 'Delivery by Item' report, you can learn which dishes are ordered most frequently and which dishes bring in the highest revenue.

Deliveries by external order source

The 'Deliveries by External Order Source' report shows where most of your orders come from. This will display information on points of sale and external order sources, such as mobile applications and websites.

Deliveries by customer

With the 'Deliveries by Customer' report, you can determine your most loyal and active customers.

Deliveries by driver

The “Deliveries by Driver” report allows you to evaluate the workload and performance of your drivers and calculate their salary if it depends on revenue. This can be done according to the number of delivered orders and their amounts for the reporting period.

Deliveries by operator

The 'Deliveries by Operator' report is designed to evaluate the performance of your operators. You can use it to determine whether the points of production have been selected correctly and whether there have been any late deliveries.

Deliveries by outlet

The 'Deliveries by Outlet' report allows you to evaluate the workload of your outlets, and determine which outlet has the highest revenue.

This report will not be generated if the outlet does not have iikoChain.

Deliveries by street

The “Deliveries by Street” report allows you to evaluate the workload of your outlets, and whether your drivers are serving the delivery areas in a timely manner.

Deliveries by hour

To identify the peak hours and correctly plan the work schedule of drivers, use the “Deliveries by Hour” report.

General delivery report

With the General Delivery Report you can evaluate the workload of the outlets and the profit from every outlet. To evaluate customer service, use the Delivery cancellation reason parameter.

The report can be specified by the delivery types configured for the service modes - “delivery by driver” and “collection”. See also Order types

Delivery cancellation reasons

The 'Delivery Cancellation Reasons' report shows how many deliveries are cancelled and for what redntnasons.