The tracking screen will help you locate your drivers, check their routes, as well as estimate drivers’ workload, delay probability and predict the time of their return.

To be able to operate this module, follow this:

  • Purchase a separate license. For this, contact iiko sales department or one of iiko’s partners from whom you had purchased the system.
  • Install and set up the Mobile Courier app for each driver (for more details, see iikoDeliveryMan User Guide).

Location of drivers on the map

To open the Fleet tracking screen, click Delivery | Driver locations.

Drivers shall log in to the Mobile Courier app to be visible on the map. If a driver failed to authenticate, then all of his or her assigned orders, his or her location as well as routes covered will not be displayed on the map.

The following is given on the delivery list:

  • Drivers’ names and icons used to show them on the map.
  • Orders assigned to drivers

The list shows all the drivers having the following statuses: on the way to the customer, on the way back, vacant. You can filter out the list of drivers by status, for instance, those who is on the return trip. For this, click the All button and select the required status.

Once orders were assigned to a driver and he or she was set off on the trip, the following is shown on the map:

  • Actual location address of the driver.
  • The route completed by the driver.
  • Addresses of orders assigned to the driver.

Each driver shown on the map has its own color. Orders have the same color as the driver carrying them out, as well as routes completed.

All the drivers carrying out delivery orders are shown on the map. To track one particular driver on the map and check deliveries he or she is carrying out in the delivery list, put a tick opposite such driver.

To get a brief information on the driver (status, numbers of deliveries), click its icon on the map or his or her name on the list. This will invoke the data window, from which you can go to the order in question. For this, click its number.

To get a brief information on the order, click its icon on the map or its item on the list. From the pop-up window one is able to proceed to the delivery order. For this, click the Open button.

Subject to the status, assumed order delivery time will be highlighted in a particular color on the list and on the map:

  • Red in case of delay.
  • Gray if an order is delivered.

The route will be shown on the map as soon as the driver starts to deliver the first order.

Demo mode

This mode is designed to demonstrate the driver tracking screen in action. It will show the drivers’ routes. The route starts from the first unclosed order gradually moving to the next one as assigned to the driver.

To enable the demo mode, paste the is-delivery-courier-screen-demo-mode = true key in the configuration file located in the “C:\Program files\iikoRMS\Server\config” directory. If the config directory and file do not exist, create them.

Then add new orders, distribute them among drivers and go to Delivery | Driver locations in iikoOffice. To start the demo mode for a particular driver, click the respective icon on the map and then press Demo Mode ON.