A delivery order can be marked as 'problematic' and you can enter a comment that describes the reason why it requires attention (no more than 1000 characters). For example, you can mark large orders for future periods so that you can order the necessary ingredients in time.

In the list, such deliveries are highlighted in pink and remain there regardless of filters. In the card of such a delivery, the !Problem button will be red.

After successful closing of the order or its cancellation, the order will be displayed in the list in the usual way based on the filters. For such an order, information about the problem is read-only and cannot be changed.

The !Problem button is available both on the delivery screen and on the order items screen. To put (remove) such a mark, click !Problem, check (uncheck) Mark delivery as problematic, enter a comment and click OK.

Information One is able to check this data at the time of order taking in the call center and at the points of delivery (iikoCallCenter module) and when handling a delivery at a restaurant (iikoDelivery module).