iikoCard system provides a large room for customization and use of marketing actions to attract new customers. You are able to configure marketing actions of any type:

  • Loyalty programs for registered customers. To accumulate and use bonuses, a customer shall be registered with the system. And when taking an order, the system will authenticate the customer by telephone number.
  • Open programs which do not require registration in the system and are appropriate for any customer.

Delivery customers enjoy the following privileges of iikoCard:  

  • Receive bonuses and may use them to pay orders.
  • Participate in marketing programs and receive gifts.
  • Pay orders using funds credited to the iikoCard account.
  • Use coupons to pay for an order.

The section describes an order of operations and iikoCard preconfigured offers for delivery customers in a call center and at an outlet in iikoFront. For how to configure such offers please refer to iikoCard User Guide.

Offers will be applied during creation of an order. The system determines which offers are currently in effect, whether a customer is registered in the database and applies the discounts they are eligible to automatically. Those might be progressive discounts for you patrons or a birthday gift. Or it may remind you of active programs, so that you may offer your customers participation.

Prior to using iikoCard for the delivery service, set it up and create corresponding payment types. For more details, see iikoCard User Guide.