Installation of iikoServer and updating it to the current version is carried out the usual way. No specific files shall appear.

Installation of iikoOffice to an operator’s workstation and updating it to the current version is also carried out the usual way. Make sure the Resto.Plugin.Delivery.dll file is available in the C:\Program Files\iikoRMS\Office\Plugins directory.

Installation of iikoFront to the point of delivery and updating it to the current version is carried out the usual way.

Warning Installation of the Centralized Delivery (CD) plugin and operation of CD can only be carried out using the Main Cash Register (MCR) computer. Installation of iikoFront in iikoAgent mode is not allowed

Make sure that the Resto.Front.Api.Delivery.dll file appears in the iikoFront plugin directory (usually it is C:\Program Files\iikoRMS\Front.Net\Plugins).

Initial setup

Call Center

Upon installation, perform initial system setup. Delivery server does not require specific setup.

In order to be able to work with a delivery module in iikoOffice, you have to have an iikoCallCenter license. The number of licenses depends on the number of operator workstations in a call center. If a license is granted, there will be a Delivery section available in the main menu of the application.

Upon startup of iikoOffice, there will be the Delivery.config.xml configuration file created in the c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\iiko\Rms\Default\config directory.

The file has the following structure:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<DeliveryConfiguration xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">





The following parameters can be configured in this file:

DeliveryUpdateInterval (milliseconds) - interval of automatic update of a delivery list. If Automatic update is checked in the delivery list window in iikoOffice, the frequency of update will correspond to the one specified in the configuration file.

DeliveryExchangeWarningTime (milliseconds) - the period within which the system checks if iikoFront has acquired the delivery data and if the delivery is timely processed. For instance, if the delivery data is not received by iikoFront or preparation thereof has not started in time, then, upon time-out, such deliveries would be highlighted on the list.

DisableBackCaches (true/false) - disabling automatic procedures, like recalculation of cost, stock balance, etc., on the server. This parameter is used in case a server requires reduction of load. If iikoOffice functions in the call center mode only, and you do not use the inventory control module, then you may disable relevant functions.

Point of delivery

Delivery module does not work with multiple fiscal registers (when Allow setup of fiscal bill printing place is checked in the group settings of the outlet). In case this setting is enabled, the Delivery button will be unavailable in iikoFront even if all the necessary permissions and licenses have been granted.

To be able to work with deliveries in iikoFront, the iikoDelivery license shall be available. The number of connections is determined by the number of terminals to be used to process orders.

You can include the following additional parameters into the iikoFront configuration file:

  • Specify the following parameter for the driver terminal


  • If, in the restaurant mode, you need an order to be automatically shifted from the In progress status to Awaiting delivery, specify the following parameter


  • If a delivery terminal has no card reader connected or configured, and system login is performed using a pin code, specify the following parameters:



  • If you need to print out delivery invoices using a regular Windows printer (not guest bill printer) connected and set up on this terminal, specify the parameter:


  • In which case you have to grant your employees, who will use the terminals, the following rights:
    • F_OPIN Confirm clock in and clock out by PIN
    • F_DOP Authorize dangerous operations by PIN

Upon first startup of iikoFront, the deliveryPluginConfig.xml configuration file of the installed delivery plugin will be created on the main cash register. Configure the plugin to be able to register the point of delivery on a call center server. The required parameters are highlighted in color:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<config xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">






serviceMethodTimeoutMilliseconds (milliseconds) - iiko server response timeout. You can set it to 1 second as shown above.

In case you use medium to poor quality Internet instead of local network to establish connection between iikoFront and iiko server, you are advised to set the timeout to 20-30 seconds interval otherwise there might errors occur due to the poor connection. Recommended parameter value is no less than 30 seconds (30,000 milliseconds). The worse the quality of internet connection the greater parameter value shall be set.

serverUrl - centralized delivery server address. This is iiko server address which is the call center server. Not the local outlet’s RMS but the call center RMS.

WarningDirect connection between iikoFront with the delivery installed and a call center server. 

terminalId - terminal identifier used for delivery orders management. This identifier is generated automatically and used for the plugin authentication on a call center server. If you change or delete a terminal, the identifier will be regenerated. One of the ways to solve the registration issue is to remove this parameter. Prior to iiko application reinstallation on the terminal, in case you have to do it due to some failures, check the parameter value to specify it later instead of the newly generated one. In this case you will be able to avoid reregistration of the terminal with the call center.

connectToServerDelayInSeconds - server connection frequency. This period is 30 seconds by default. Reduce the value to carry out synching more often. Synching frequency of less than 15 seconds is not recommended.

When setup is complete, the plugin will interact with a server, i.e., receive and send street address, clients, deliveries.

Given that at least one connection under an iikoDelivery license is established, the Delivery section will appear on the main menu of iikoOffice.