Payments may arrive from external systems via API. For example, a customer makes an order and pays for it using a bank card through the restaurant's website. Such payments are displayed in the call center and in the outlet but operators cannot edit or delete them. Operators can only change order items within the prepaid amount without exceeding it. If the order amount is increased, the outstanding amount can be paid in the normal way.

Only an employee with the 'Delete external payments' permission (D_DEP) can delete such payment or cancel an order with external payment. The external system is responsible for performing the cancelling operation. Information about deletion of external payments is saved in the report on dangerous operations and in the event log.

External payment setup

Set up payment types which will be used to accept external payments in iiko. For example, an external payment with the use of the Visa bank card.

Special settings are required for external payments:

  1. Certain types of payments can be designed for external payments only; they cannot be selected at the cash register manually. Tick the Prohibit to enter manually box. Such payments will be added through API only and appear in iiko as external payments.

It is impossible to prohibit manual selection of cash payment, while it is possible in the bank card case.

  1. Specify that the payment is made by external systems’ command via API. Enable the Can be accepted from outside feature. Available only for Bank card or Cash payment types. If disabled, the order with such a payment type will not be accepted, iiko will send back an error to an external system.
  2. The Paying setup is designed to prevent external systems integration errors or misuse. It is available if the Can be accepted from outside feature is enabled. Specify where the payments are processed:
  • External only - payment can be made by an external system only. In this case, iiko accepts external orders with only completed payments. The payments are marked as completed on the order screen of the Call Center and on the cash register screen in iikoFront.
  • On restaurant side only (by default) - a payment can be completed on the store’s side only. iiko accepts external orders only with not completed payments. If a payment was mistakenly marked as completed by an external system, iiko would not accept such an order and will send an error back to the external system.
  • Both external and on restaurant side - a payment can be made both on the side of the store and by an external system. In this case, iiko accepts external orders with both completed and not completed payments. Not completed payments are processed in iikoFront. On top of that, such a payment may be created in a call center or an outlet and submitted in iikoFront (the Prohibit to enter manually feature shall be disabled).
  1. A special code needs to be specified for payments accepted from outside. It is used for payment identification in the external API. Enter a value in the Code field, for example, VISA. For example, codes of payment systems like Yandex or Qiwi. The code should have alphanumeric format and is entered in uppercase only.
  2. Payment description keyed in the Comment field shall be transmitted to an external system via API. For instance, Card payment through Robokassa.