Problems and Solutions

If iiko reference books in the outlet and in the call center are not synced (stock list reference books, discounts, payment types, delivery areas, reasons for delivery cancelling, reasons for deleting items), then after saving a new order, it will automatically become “problematic” and will not be created at the outlet. You will have to eliminate the 'problem' by contacting the system administrator (configure the reference books and exchange data with iikoChain). Next, open the order in the call center, remove the “problem” attribute and save it, which will then appear in the outlet. These 'problems' occur in the following situations:

  1. If the order has a product (or dish or modifier), which is not registered in the stock list reference book in the outlet. It is required to sync the stock list reference books in Inventory Management or select another outlet where this product is sold.
  2. Discount provided to the customer does not apply in the outlet (unavailable, deleted or inactive). It is required to sync discount reference books in Discount System.
  3. If the payment type is specified in the order, for instance, non-cash payment, but such payment type in not in use in the outlet. Configure the payment type in the outlet (for details on configuring the payment systems in iiko, see iikoOffice User Guide).
  4. Delivery area is not available at the outlet. It is required to sync the reference books Delivery Setup > General Delivery Areas.
  5. Delivery cancellation reason is unavailable. It is required to sync the reference books Delivery – Setup > GeneralDelivery Cancellation Reasons.
  6. Reason for deleting the dish is unavailable. It is required to sync the reference books Retail Sales > Reasons for Deletion.

You can mark a delivery that requires attention as 'problematic' and describe the problem. For example, there may be a late delivery of the order or dish substitution. You can mark  large orders for future periods so that you can order the necessary ingredients in time. This mark can be placed both at the point of production and in the call center.

'Problematic' deliveries are shown in red within the list, and the corresponding lines are always shown at the top of the list. They remain in the list, regardless of installed filters, until the problem is 'removed.' When you place the cursor over the line corresponding to such delivery, this will show the description of the 'problem.'

“Conflicting” deliveries are also shown in red (see Conflict situation)

Both setting and removing the “problem” will be registered in the Event Log (see Event log).

Register a problem

To mark an order as “problematic”, follow these steps:

  1. In the delivery list, select the order that you want to mark as “problematic” and click View or double click the appropriate line.
  2. Click the Problem button.
  3. Check Mark delivery as problematic and enter a comment describing the problem (no more than 1000 characters).
  4. Click Save. The Problem button will have the mark: .
  5. Save the delivery by clicking Save and close.

Deregister a problem

In case of a successful closing of an order or its cancellation, the “problem” associated with it will be automatically removed and the order will be displayed on the list in the usual way with account to filters. You can manually remove the “problem” from an order of any status.

To remove the mark manually, follow this:

  1. In the delivery list, select the order from which you want to remove the “problem” mark (such orders are shown in red and are always at top of the list), and click View (or double-click the appropriate line)
  2. Click .
  3. Uncheck Mark delivery as problematic. If the comment on the “problem” is not removed, it will be displayed when you click Problem in the card of this order.
  4. Click Save. The mark will be removed from the Problem button.
  5. Save the delivery by clicking Save and close. The order will be given on the list the usual way with account to filters.