All delivery orders are registered in the call center. Thereafter, it appears at the selected delivery outlet.

If necessary, you can edit, move to another outlet, or remove the order. You can take a customer pickup order.

You cannot add an order retrospectively.

Taking New Order

  1. Try to find the customer in the Delivery Customers database. For this, enter customer details in the Search bar. For example, the phone number or name.
    • If such a customer is found, select them from the list and click Create delivery.
    • If there is no such customer, click Create delivery.
    • A new order will pop up with the specified phone number or customer name you keyed in the search bar.
    • You can take a delivery order from a new customer in the Delivery > Deliveries section: click Create > Create delivery for new customer. An empty delivery detail will open up.
      If it turns up that the customer actually exists in the database, then when you try to send an order to an outlet, the system would suggest using the file instead of creating a new customer.
  2. Specify customer and delivery details. A customer may be assigned a High-Risk status. For how to handle such customers, see the Unreliable Customers article.
  3. In the Point of Production field, specify an outlet that will carry out an order. For details, see Assigning Orders To Outlets.
  4. Enter order items. At the customer’s request, an order can be split among several guests.
  5. Pay the order. Delivery customers may participate in the Plazius Loyalty Program. A customer may be provided a discount or surcharge.
  6. When all order details are specified, you can forward it to a preparation outlet by clicking Save at point of production. If a customer changes their mind, click Exit.

What Next

When you save an order at an outlet, some items can be automatically added to it. For how to set it up, please refer to the Auto-Add Items article.

Once you save an order, it will be given on the list of deliveries with “Time to cook” status.

A message telling that a delivery order is created appears on the delivery terminal. It shows the delivery order number and the time and date the delivery is scheduled for.

Not Confirmed Or Not Processed

If some of your orders are “Not Confirmed” of “Not Processed”, it means they lack some details, they are not distributed, or they are advance orders.

Check such orders, call a customer to verify some details, and confirm.

When you open an order, you may see the following message: “Delivery order is opened by operator. Are you sure you want to continue?” It means that this order is being processed by another operator—an operator has opened the order record and is calling the customer, for example. Click No and open the next order or ignore the message and click Yes and handle this order.

Once An Order Is Taken 

Once an order is taken, a call center operator can monitor its further processing.

If required, an operator processing the order may be changed even after closing the order. This can be done by an employee that has the “Change the delivery operator” (D_CO) permission.

Some delivery orders may be marked as problematic. In this case, you can additionally monitor such order.

Changing Order Type 

You can change an order type from the delivery to customer pickup and vice versa even after you registered it. It is true for the orders that have the following status: Not Confirmed, Waiting, Time to Cook, In Progress, and Ready.

If you use iikoCard programs that depend on the order type, an order price may change accordingly.

The Event Log shows all the changes made to the delivery order type within the “Edit Delivery” event.

Delivery Time Behavior

ASAP Delivery

When you need to deliver ASAP, the delivery time is changing according to the travel time specified in the work schedule and mapping settings.

Delivery Order Made In Advance

In the case of early delivery orders, the delivery time is specified manually. We suggest that you change it only if the time left to complete the delivery is less than the travel time.

Delivery > Customer Pickup

When you change an order type from the Delivery to the Customer Pickup, a delivery address is removed and the driver is dismissed.

Customer Pickup > Delivery 

When you change an order type from the Customer Pickup to Delivery:

  • The Driver and Delivery address fields become available, and you have to fill them up. If a customer is already in your database, the system would auto-fill the address field, but if there is more than one address, choose the proper one.
  • As a general rule, an order is already assigned to a particular preparation outlet. And it may happen that the delivery address is outside the outlet's service area. In this case, if the items are not being cooked yet, an order can be transferred to another outlet.
  • The Payment for Delivery service may be auto-added to the order and the total amount may be increased.