The typical procedure describes a general order processing scenario from its creation to closing in case of successful delivery.

The Perform payment setting is enabled: When delivery is sent (see Global Settings).

To make a delivery, follow these steps:

  1. Register a new order (see Taking Orders). Specify the customer and delivery details (see Customer and delivery details). Specify order items (see Order Items).
  2. Once the customer and order information is specified, send the order to preparation. For this, click the (2) Make button. This will print a kitchen ticket. The order will change over to the “in progress” status. For more details, see Send Orders to Kitchen.
  1. When the order items are assembled, make the payment and send the order with the driver. To do this, open the order and press (3) Dispatch.
    • Make the payment, this will print the fiscal bill for the order. For more details, see Order payment.
    • After making the payment, you will see the screen for assigning a driver. You can select only those drivers that have a personal shift opened in iikoFront. Select the driver who will deliver the order. The order is transferred to 'On the way to the customer' status. At order sending, the system can print the invoice. For more details on assigning drivers, see Dispatching orders.
  2. A manager may control the time of the driver’s return to the base. For this, the “delivered” status is divided in two: “Delivered, on the way back” and “Closed”. Once a customer received their order, specify the actual time of delivery by clicking (4) Delivered. The order will change over to the “Delivered, on the way back” status. If the estimated time of the driver's return has expired, but he has not returned yet, the system sets the status “Delivered, back late.” See also Actual delivery time.
  3. When the driver is back and hands over the revenue or invoice signed by the customer (non-cash payment), the order is considered completed and must be closed. Open the delivered order and press (5) Close. The order will change its status to “Closed”. See also Closing a successfully delivered order.