Order Distribution Screen 

Drivers can choose which orders to deliver among ready ones and assign them to themselves on a special screen. They need to have the “Delivery driver” (D_DCO) permission for that.

Information about the drivers' workload is displayed on the screen, and the manager can assign an order to each of them or take the order themselves. The “Delivery management” (D_MD) permission is required for this.

Only clocked in drivers can be assigned.

The system remembers the lock screen—a standard one or with drivers. Once the terminal is locked or turned on, the last viewed screen is displayed.

To access the delivery screen from the standard lock screen, tap

To go back to the standard mode, tap

The delivery screen shows only Delivery Pending orders. Their number is given above the list of orders. Pickup orders are not displayed.

To see the orders that should be delivered in the first place, sort them by time. For this, tap within the Time header area. The data will be sorted in ascending order ( icon). If you tap it again, the sorting direction will change ( icon). The list of deliveries can be sorted by any parameter.

To search for a delivery, tap on the field located at the bottom of the screen (to the right of the on-screen keyboard icon), and enter any order details, such as the customer's name or address. The list will only show records containing specified data. To show all the orders, clear the search bar by tapping Х.

Clocked in drivers are given on the left-hand side. The following information is given on top of the list:

  • Number of clocked in drivers.
  • Number of standby and traveling drivers.
  • Average performance indicators: average idle time (total standby time divided by the number of drivers in the list); average idle percentage (total standby time divided by total duration of personal shifts and multiplied by 100%).

Here you can check the following information on each driver: name and total idle time. As for dispatched drivers, the system shows the time left before the return. If a driver is late, the time is given with a minus sign and highlighted in red. Additional information: number of orders, shift duration, idle time, and idle percentage.

Take On A Delivery 

To assign delivery to yourself, do the following:

  1. Clock in.
  2. Tap on the Dispatch button on the iikoFront sign-in screen.
  3. Find the order on the list that you want to take on and tap the corresponding row. For a faster search, tap within the field located at the bottom of the screen (to the right of the on-screen keyboard icon). You can search by any part of the customer's name, phone or card number, as well as the delivery address. We recommend that you search in the following order: by card No., phone number, address, full name.
  4. Swipe your card. You should have the “Delivery driver” (D_DCO) permission.
  5. Confirm the assignment by tapping ОK.
  6. Once dispatched, the order takes the On the way status and is no longer displayed on the delivery screen.

Handling Deliveries On The Delivery Screen 

An employee with the “Manage delivery” (D_MD) permission can assign a driver while the delivery screen.

  1. Go to the delivery screen by tapping the Dispatch button on the iikoFront sign-in screen.
  2. Find the order on the list that you want to assign and tap a corresponding row.
  3. Swipe the card with the “Manage delivery” (D_MD) permission. You will be taken to the delivery screen.
  4. Press (3) Dispatch.
  5. Select a driver from the list. You will be taken to the list of deliveries.
  6. You can go back to the delivery screen by tapping the lock icon button.

Driver Is Not Clocked In

If you haven’t clocked in yet, the system will suggest doing so once you select an order and swipe your card. To clock in, tap ОK > Clock in > ОK > Lock. You will be taken back to the delivery screen.