To link your website to iikoDelivery, follow this:

  1. Make sure that you have installed iikoRMS version 4.2 or later. In case of an older version, contact your dealer and request an update.
  2. Register at You can find registration guidelines in the “Registration at the portal” section of iikoCard User Guide. Skip this step in case you already have an account at the portal.
  3. Make sure all connection and export checks have been completed successfully. If necessary, restart them. For this, click the Restart button next to the corresponding check.
  1. Prepare the website menu in the Data Exchange | | Menu Export section. Select the items, set the required icons and specify names to be displayed on the website.  Once you’ve created the menu, click Export to API. For more details on the menu creation, please refer to iikoOffice User Guide.
  2. Export cities. For this:
    1. Go to the Delivery reference book  | Cities.
    2. If empty, add the cities within your delivery area.
    3. Click the Export to API button.
  3. Register delivery terminals in the Delivery | Delivery terminals section. For more details, see Registration of a delivery point.
  4. Contact iiko’s customer support for a username and a password to access API.