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Updated on 12/22/2017
iikoFront 5.5
Working Windows
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Order processing window

On the left-hand side of the order window, you can see the area for creating an order with the list of ordered dishes. Full menu buttons with dish and dish group names are located in the middle. On the right you can find quick menu buttons spread on three tabs indicating names of the most frequently used dishes and groups. The quick menu can be set up by days of the week.

For better search and your convenience, you may assign different colors to dishes and groups. This can be done while compiling the quick menu in iikoOffice. For better visualization, you can use images for each dish or group. For this, go to Data Exchange | Export menu in iikoOffice. Prepare the menu by adding corresponding images to each menu element in the properties window. For details see the Preparing a menu for external order input systems section in iikoOffice User Guide.

You can select the required dish from the menu by clicking the button with the dish or dish group name and then selecting the dish from the group. The selected dish will be highlighted in yellow.

When you click the group name button, the center of the screen will display a set of buttons with the dish names and the “... button used to go one menu level up.

When you click the area of the total cost of the order  the dish name buttons will display their cost . The remaining quantity  can be specified in the top right corner of the button (if configured). A dish included in the stop list will be strikethrough .

The order window includes the following buttons:

Increase the number of servings of the selected dish by one.
Decrease the number of servings of the selected dish by one.
Used if a guest orders a non-standard serving of a dish. When selected, this opens a window where you can specify the desired serving size.
Remove the selected item from the order.

Enter a discount or surcharge for the order.
Used to a quick search of a menu item by its barcode, quick code or SKU.
Go to the advanced features window.
 Go to the screen with information on the previous / next (closed) order.

Go to the closed orders review screen.

Go to the calculation window.

Payment window

To go to the payment window, click Cash Register in the order window.

On the top left in the area for viewing payments you can see the deposited amount, change and the remaining amount to be paid, and a list of payments made. The payments that can be removed are marked with . To remove a payment, click the required line in the list and, in the displayed window, confirm the action by clicking Yes.

On the bottom left you can see the area for viewing the order along with the calculation of cost and amount due.

On the right you can see the buttons for selecting an order payment method and the buttons for entering the payment amount. To select an order payment method, click the corresponding button – Cash, Bank Cards, No Revenue or Non-cash Payment.

Key in the deposited amount or click Exact Amount. To make a payment, click Pay.

If necessary, you can go back to the order window. For this, click Back and in the pop-up window, confirm the deletion of non-posted payments (if any) by clicking Yes.

If the payment was entered, you also need to confirm the deletion of non-posted payments.

Advanced features

The advanced features window will be displayed when a user logs in to iikoFront by swiping their card or entering their PIN, and can also be viewed from the order window by clicking . In this window you can clock in and clock out. An access to other actions is provided by the rights set for your position or can be granted on an individual basis by a system administrator.

You will be able to see only those advanced features buttons, that you have the right to use. The buttons invoking features that you cannot use at this time will be displayed as inactive. The buttons are grouped by sections.

The Order and Back buttons (in the bottom right corner of the window) are designed for navigating to the order window, the Lock button (in the top right corner of the window) – to lock the system and navigating to the system start screen where you log in.